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By · May 11, 2021
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Customer News: First Bank Partners with FintechOS to Launch the SME Creditum App

Customer News: First Bank Partners with FintechOS to Launch the SME Creditum App

The app simplifies the analysis of funding applications for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

First Bank has recently launched the SME Creditum app, with FintechOS as technology partner.

The app allows the bank to simplify the lending process. Thus, for legal entities in need of financing, the approval time of credit is reduced by up to 80%. It follows a successful initiative last year by First Bank to streamline the lending process for micro-enterprises with a turnover of up to €1 million.

The digital transformation was possible with the help of FintechOS technology, by aggregating data from multiple external sources and automatically analysing the information collected.

SME Creditum and Micro Creditum are digital solutions that enable the transition from manual processes to optimizations based on the latest technologies, and innovations that support and strengthen our bank’s strategy, “Digital with a human touch”. There has been a fundamental change in the way business is conducted. Consumer behaviors have changed and, naturally, so have their needs. To remain relevant is to follow closely the journey taken by a customer in relation to the bank and to make this customer journey coherent and relevant. When a client evaluates a financial institution, they no longer compare the banks with each other, but the experiences offered by them. Therefore, the experience we offer to the client is essential.” Mădălina Teodorescu, Vice President, First Bank.

“The needs of SMEs evolved during the pandemic, and the need to quickly access finance has become a key factor for many companies. To meet the demand banks quickly turned to fast, flexible and personalized lending solutions. We are honored for being able to accompany First Bank in this process. FintechOS has also adapted quickly to the new needs of the financial industry, and our solution offers even more agility to the process of personalization of products and services. The partnership with First Bank for SME Creditum app launch confirms our common mission, that of being truly customer-centric organizations.” Andrei Găman, VP Commercial Europe FintechOS.



First Bank offers a wide range of financial products and services to individuals, legal entities and small and medium-sized businesses.

First Bank has its headquarters in Bucharest and operates through 52 branches, with over 130,000 active customers. For more information, we invite you to visit

Call Center First Bank – 021 303 69 69.

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About FintechOS

FintechOS is leading a paradigm shift in the way financial products and services are created, making banks and insurers truly customer-centric.

It consolidates critical data from multiple sources, such as existing databases and ecosystem APIs, this rich information is automatically entered in every step of the consumer experience, resulting in a truly personalized offering. FintechOS technology integrates seamlessly into existing IT systems, and low-code tools help organizations deliver personalized customer experiences.

These capabilities relieve customers of the effort to tailor products, services and interactions for a single segment; increase the return on investment and reduce the time to market.

FintechOS is present in 20 markets and four continents. It manages more than $ 100 billion in assets and has offices in London, Amsterdam and Bucharest. For more information, visit

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