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By · March 30, 2020
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Deloitte and FintechOS, partners in CEC Bank’s digital transformation

Deloitte and FintechOS partner in CEC Bank's digital transformation

The “Welcome” package, recently launched by CEC Bank, can be accessed 100% online using a solution developed within the strategic partnership between Deloitte and FintechOS.

Bucharest, March 30, 2020 – Deloitte Romania and FintechOS have created and implemented the technical solution for the “Welcome” package, which CEC Bank has integrated with its legacy systems, allowing it to launch, in March, a complex project aimed at digitalizing the products and services provided by the bank to customers in Romania and abroad. The package can be accessed 100% online and includes a current account, a debit card and access to the Mobile Banking service. This is among the first projects finalized within the strategic partnership between Deloitte Romania and FintechOS for providing solutions for digital transformation and business process automation to financial institutions.

“Access to banking services is essential for people and for the economy. Remote account opening, with no visits to the bank and no paperwork, is a very important project for CEC Bank, and it can contribute to increasing financial inclusion, considering over 90% of Romanians have access to mobile internet. We are glad that, besides the remote banking services we already had in our portfolio – Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, phone services – now, we can give Romanians located in the country and abroad the possibility to become CEC Bank customers, 100% online”, stated Bogdan Neacsu, CEO and President of CEC Bank.

The technical solution used allows customers to complete online all the steps for getting access to the ”Welcome” package, which includes a current account, a debit card and Mobile Banking service. The process features multiple levels of security, including verification of the applicant, running artificial intelligence algorithms for data and facial recognition, as well as a video call with the bank’s staff. The contract is signed by both the bank and the customer using a qualified digital certificate (eIDAS compliant), then sent by the bank to the customer via email. The “Welcome” package account is opened immediately after the online registration process is completed, and the customer can access Mobile Banking straight away. The card is issued and sent by mail to the address indicated by the customer.

“In the current context, in which people’s mobility is limited because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for technical solutions to provide remote digital access to financial services is greater than ever. Banks and insurance companies in Romania have made significant progress in this respect, but more than half of the players in the system still don’t offer their customers the ability to open a package of financial services remotely, including current account, debit card and mobile banking”, stated Vladimir Aninoiu, Technology Director within Deloitte Romania’s Consulting practice.

“Ensuring business continuity is a priority now for all companies. We remain close to our clients, 24/7, in order to quickly find the best solutions, adjusted to the current situation and with long-term impact. We are glad to develop the technology of the future and bring it to the present”, stated Teodor Blidarus, CEO FintechOS.

Within the Deloitte-FintechOS strategic partnership, the technology team in Deloitte Romania’s Consulting practice manages the customization and the implementation of the digital transformation solutions based on FintechOS’s technology. The technology created by FintechOS allows banks and insurance companies to improve customer experience by providing a fully digital interaction through the intelligent automation of processes, as well as by creating hyper-personalized products and services.

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