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Welcome to FintechOS Version 22.R3: what’s new?

FintechOS 22.R3

The FintechOS fintech enablement platform is now leaner and more focused. We’ve ensured the new Version 22.R3 provides you with the value you need to thrive in difficult times ahead. Let’s see what the release has in store.

In the not-too-distant future, I believe nearly every company will derive a significant portion of its revenue from financial services

Angela Strange, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Non-financial companies are increasingly entering the fintech market. To remain competitive, traditional banks and insurers need to not only digitize their product offerings, but also put innovation at the heart of their business. To enable this at scale and pace, we’ve organized the FintechOS platform into three functional areas.

Launch, Service, Expand

FintechOS fintech operating system: launch, service, expand


Define differentiated financial products and services, and go-to-market quickly. Whether crafting new or re-inventing existing financial products, Launch enables customers to create personalized digital customer journeys that harness innovation from their financial services ecosystem.


Address gaps in your existing legacy platforms and service the new financial products you define. Start small, with only those business capabilities you need now, and add more as you scale, minimizing risk and cost.


Grow your customer relationships, cross-selling new products to increase your share-of-wallet.  Experiment with new value propositions, leverage customer data, and define and launch campaigns over digital channels to promote personalized financial products.

Introducing the Fintech Operating System

We complement our Launch, Service, and Expand functionality with an underlying Fintech Operating System, providing a set of common capabilities that enable any company to operate like a fintech.

Whatever you need from our platform, we’ve got you covered:

  • collation of enriched data in a common layer to drive the personalization of products and services
  • no-code and low-code interfaces to equip anyone to become a Digital Maker
  • robust security, performance, and availability

So, let’s explore our latest release with this new information architecture.


Real-time, actionable product analytics

FintechOS 22.R3 - product analytics

With our spring 2022 release, we introduced journey analytics to help you understand where customer drop-off is impacting your journey conversion rates. With 22.R3, we’re including product analytics.

These new features will track the contract value and performance of the financial products you defined within our platform, including:

  • a dashboard to show product key performance indicators (KPIs) broken down by categories and time periods (year-to-date, quarterly, month-to-date, monthly, daily)
  • out-the-box KPIs for conversion rate, sales value,  new customers, and Time-to-Yes (TTY) for all products

Re-usable UI libraries to reduce overhead by up to 90%

FintechOS 22.R3 - CI:CD

With 22.R3, we’re introducing re-usable user interface (UI) libraries that separate UI logic from journey logic, enabling teams to manage their design assets independently. A new design kit built using industry best practices serves as a starting point that can be extended with other components.

We expect this to reduce UI overhead by up to 90%, with faster UI development, lower maintenance effort, and a shorter enablement cycle for new team members. Features include:

  • re-usable design kit that can be extended
  • independent maintenance of the design system
  • re-usable UI templates at different levels of granularity (journey, form, and step)

20% faster time to market with small business underwriting

FintechOS 22.R3 - SMB lending dashboard

With this release, we’re introducing new underwriting features for small business lending. These capabilities support a 20% faster time-to-market for customers deploying lending solutions and improve risk assessment and control.

This release lays the foundation for a complex underwriting solution that enables companies to run efficient risk assessment processes for any financial product or service. New features include:

  • an integrated view of all submitted applications
  • automated data input and assessment with built-in connectors for Codat, Experian, LexisNexis, and Companies House


Supporting the rapid launch of financial products and services, our set of pre-built solutions cover industry data models, financial products, customer journeys, and ecosystem connectors for a broad spectrum of innovative use cases. Explore more than 90 Accelerators in the FintechOS Marketplace.

With this release, we’ve created a complete, end-to-end solution for small and medium-sized business (SMB) commercial combined insurance. This key market is set to thrive over the coming years, so we want to make sure you’re ready to enter this growing space, and offer the following new accelerators:

Reduced TTY for SMB Quote & Bind

FintechOS 22.R3 - SME Q&B

This release includes a complete solution for SMB insurance Quote & Bind. Using our low-code interface, you can customize this template and launch a mobile-first, self-service product with automated rating, pricing, and proposal generation within days.

This includes:

  • integration with external data enrichment services
  • comprehensive product definition
  • flexible proposals for multiple profiles

State-of-the-art SMB FNoL

FintechOS 22.R3 - SMB FNoL FintechOS 22.R3 - SMB FNoL docs FintechOS 22.R3 - SMB FNoL registered

This release also includes a solution for the first notification of loss (FNoL). Customize this template product without technical support and launch an online FNoL process immediately.

This mobile-first, self-service journey will take your customer through a step-by-step process to report a loss, including:

  • incident reporting by coverage
  • claimant identity verification
  • the collection of evidence by image scanning or file upload
  • policy and claims admin


Service extension apps

FintechOS 22.R3 - Service extension

With this release, we’re making it easier for organizations to extend our out-the-box servicing capabilities to support their unique business needs. Service extension apps enable organizations to easily extend service functionality with a no-code/low-code approach. This can be applied to loan management, sub-ledger, billing and collection, policy management, and more. Features include:

  • extend existing service capabilities by enriching the data model, adding form-driven apps, and incorporating workflow to support business processes
  • surface new apps in portals, dashboards, and menus

Hyper-scale business

Enterprise-grade hyper-scaling servicing solutions are necessary to enable our growing customers to launch and service innovative products in the market faster and more efficiently. With this release, we’ve focused on performance improvements and proven the power of our infrastructure at a Black Friday scale of over 3,000 contracts per minute and over 10,000 server requests per minute.

Enhancements include:

  • caching for queries
  • refactoring and enhancing transaction handling
  • server and azure resources optimization
  • asynchronous processes and throttling in service pipes

Loan management

New loan and distribution management capabilities are included with this release, ensuring higher back-office productivity and open loan management operations. New features include:

  • formula-ready, third-party banking commissioning processes
  • contract-level management of penalty interest rates
  • new third-party management endpoints
  • APIs to create and update products in the Product Factory

Policy re-instatement

FintechOS 22.R3 - policy re-instatement

We’re adding a new policy re-instatement capability to policy administration. The re-instatement can be fully processed after the customer has paid the installment that they missed. Features include:

  • flexible configurations for payment grace period and suspension duration
  • automatic processes for bulk suspension and lapsing

Fintech Operating System

Differential deployments cut package redeployment time by 95%

FintechOS 22.R3 - Differential deployments

To make sure our customers are getting updates to their financial products and services to market as quickly as possible, we’ve spent time eliminating manual steps to reduce operational risk and save up to 15% of the effort to package solutions and export/import.

With this release, we see an overall time reduction in package redeployment (including associated downtime) of up to 95%. New features include:

  • deploy only configuration items that have changed
  • deploy custom files (img, js, css, etc) via digital assets
  • add digital assets to deployment orchestration scripts
  • add new configuration items to digital assets:
    • security roles and configurations
    • scheduled jobs and scheduled services
    • entity unique constraints

Task management enhancements

FintechOS 22.R3 - Task management

We’ve made several improvements to task management with this release, including new features to enhance routing and delegation rules, saving employees time when handling tasks:

  • automatic user and queue set-up and management
  • redesign of dashboards and task details page, as well as the introduction of a co-ordinator dashboard
  • activity history, related tasks, and notes collaboration area
  • APIs for business workflow status changes and resolution
  • individual and bulk task re-assignment

Server-side debugging reduces coding effort by 20%

Any reduction in coding effort will be a relief for developers! With this release, we’re introducing new features to make it easy.

Our developers tell us this new capability saves them 20% of the effort required to write server-side code. For good measure, we’re also including ES6 support and improved error-handling flows.

Observability and telemetry to cut troubleshooting effort by 10%

FintechOS 22.R3 - Observability and telemetry

To streamline the troubleshooting of performance issues across journeys, we’re introducing new observability and telemetry features with this release.

Best of all, they are built directly into our Innovation Studio. We estimate that this reduces cuts troubleshooting effort by more than 10% for developers and includes the following capabilities:

  • built-in telemetry for Azure Insights, query performance, database monitoring, and web application monitoring
  • direct access to the logs you need, so no waiting on other teams for access
  • filters for journeys, forms, and business steps


Certification program

FintechOS 22.R3 - certification programme

No release would be complete without surprises from our Academy team, and this is no exception. To get the Digital Makers in your business excited about their new capabilities, we’re introducing a new product certification program. Those who sign up will also get access to a full self-service training sandbox to try out their skills.

Upon successful completion, they’ll be issued certification to license them as a Digital Maker and set them on the path to financial services innovation.

As if that wasn’t enough, we have more coming later in the month, including:

  • launching new self-led courses for loan management and policy administration
  • opening up partner registration for the FintechOS Professional Certification program
  • launching a new Academy UI with menu and catalog updates

The new FintechOS platform

We’re proud of our new release and we’re certain it will offer our customers the value they need to thrive in any market.

To find out more about what we’re working on in our platform, visit our documentation site. 

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