By FintechOS · August 09, 2021
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FintechOS Adds Enterprise-Ready Configuration Management to Platform

FintechOS Enterprise Ready Configuration Management

FintechOS has introduced a new Configuration Management feature that is an important waypoint on its journey towards full Git integration. The feature boosts the scalability of FintechOS and cements its position as an enterprise-ready solution.

Configuration Management is an update to the technical scaffolding of FintechOS. It is a new approach to the management of digital assets – the applications that are the backbone of FintechOS low code solutions for banking and insurance.

The feature is being introduced as part of a roadmap to Git, a popular industry-standard version control system that will enable FintechOS partners and customers to improve the scalability of their projects.

The improved FintechOS version control update builds upon our pre-existing protocol and offers significant advantages to developers, who will be liberated from code management tasks and given new workflow capabilities.

“FintechOS is committed to continuous improvement and is always excited to offer customers new ways to use, configure and deploy our low code solutions. Configuration Management will make life easier for developers and streamline the wider operation of the FintechOS platform. We’re also looking forward to rolling out full Git integration, which will help our clients self-serve and customize their enterprise-grade solutions based on our technology.”
– Teodor Blidarus, co-Founder and CEO at FintechOS

When a digital asset such as a customer journey for insurance or loan entity for banking is created, it now exists as a package with an associated configuration item containing its metadata and version history. These packages are independent of each other, which means they can be easily copied to separate projects and edited without affecting the original code. This creates more independence for teams working on separate projects, who can reuse standard pre-existing code and enjoy greater efficiencies.
Whenever a shared digital asset is customized within a project it automatically triggers a version update so that other projects using the same digital asset are unaffected.

Customers will now benefit from more control of the assets they create, access to a more robust deployment process, and increased security because version history is built right into packages, making it even easier to roll back to a prior version of the code if bugs emerge. It will help to drive customer self-service by adding an extra level of configurability and security to FintechOS low-code solutions. Configuration Management also offers reassurance when deploying updates. When a patch is applied to a digital asset, it can now be updated without affecting other packages.

FintechOS is working towards full Git integration and Configuration Management is a key part of this journey. Git is software that tracks changes made to files, allowing developers to collaboratively build source code. It allows distributed teams to work on releases, write code, test features and then securely deploy new versions. It is a globally recognized standard that is crucial in the remote working era and powers Continuous Integration/ Continuous Development (CICD) workflows across the tech industry.

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