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By · March 30, 2021
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FintechOS selected to the Oxbow Partners 2021 Insurtech Impact 25

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The list aims to identify companies that have the potential to drive significant value for the insurance industry in 2021. 

It’s always great to have our value proposition vindicated by independent and authoritative experts, which is why we’re so pleased to be included in this year’s Oxbow Partners Insurtech Impact 25. The list garners a lot of respect from the insurance community because of the rigorous selection process involved and the fact that companies are included entirely on merit, with no fees or other financial incentives playing a part. Indeed, the list is compiled over a period of six months of thorough research led by Oxbow Partners with guidance from an advisory board made up of experts from across the insurance ecosystem.

This year the panel reviewed 150 companies at various stages of maturity and the final list includes companies covering all elements of the value chain, customer types and products. To help them in their decision making the panel took into account a range of factors including revenue growth, company ownership and technical innovation of the value proposition. As a result the list includes companies that have a very clear value proposition as well as others whose highly technical focus will drive value in different ways.

We feel that FintechOS is in the privileged position of satisfying both those criteria. Our solution allows insurers to create value quickly through a combination of pre-built functionality and low-code innovation that draws on customer data every step of the way. Our partners can focus on their core areas of expertise safe in the knowledge that they’re leveraging the latest technologies to help them enchant customers and stay one step ahead of the competition.

You can check out the full list and accompanying report from Oxbow Partners here. You can also read about how FintechOS is helping the insurance industry meet the challenges of a digital first future by downloading our whitepaper.


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