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By · March 28, 2020
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FintechOS Solution – What’s on the Roadmap?

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Since day one, we’ve been on a mission to make fast-paced, customer-centric innovation in financial services possible.

We give clients everything they need to build and run end-to-end digital customer journeys at speed and with ease. And with each iteration of our powerful technology, it gets that bit easier.

Here are some of the past, present and future milestones on our journey to personalise, automate and transform financial services.

Empowering non-technical teams

When we launched FintechOS 20 back in October, our goal was simple: we wanted to empower non-technical teams in financial institutions to innovate. And we did it by giving them the low-to-code tools to create hyper-personalised products and journeys.

Deepening personalisation and boosting automation

With FintechOS 20.2, live some time this May (watch this space), we’re kicking hyper-personalisation and automation into high gear. How? By tapping into new data enrichment features and customer touchpoints.

Making innovating even easier

The Innovation Studio is getting an upgrade between September and October this year, thanks to the launch of FintechOS 21. You can expect a beefed up toolkit that makes creating and updating journeys, products and processes simpler than ever before.

A lot done. More to do.

So, that’s a quick tour through the past, present and future milestones of FintechOS. And we’re just getting started. You can take a look at the features of each launch in the image below, and be sure to check back for regular updates.

FintechOS 20 (Oct ‘19)


Empower non-technical teams. Give them the low-to-no code tools to create hyper-personalised products and journeys.


A space to create: the Innovation Studio now has a portal where business analysts, consultants and product managers can create and launch automated and hyper-personalised journeys in a low-to-no-code environment.

Plug & play innovations: Digital Process Automators (DPAs) make creating slick customer journeys super easy. From digital signatures to face recognition and computer vision (OCR), video calling to a Digital Documents Processor, it’s all at your fingertips.

Connectivity from Day 1: our Common Data Core offers out-of-the-box connectivity to 150+ data sources, including Google Analytics, Salesforce, SAP, and SQL. Access is made easy with REST APIs and data can be used to create customer journeys, segmentation models, personalised marketing campaigns, and more.

Powerful Data Insights: with data from our Common Data Core, your teams can create visualizations that are both beautiful and insightful, made possible by PowerBI, a leader in visualization tools.

FintechOS 20.2 (May ‘19)


Boost automation. Deepen personalization. By tapping into new data enrichment features and customer touchpoints.


Seize open banking opportunities: an Open Banking Gateway will offer out-of-the-box support for Open Banking standards.

Better data management: with a Data in Transit framework to better manage temporary data from external sources, and simplified data security compliance and technical scalability.

Enhanced analytics: we’re upgrading our Campaigns Engine with capabilities like objective setting and KPI tracking, and we’re integrating it with Sengrid too (the biggest cloud-based email delivery platform).

Made for mobile: embed customer journeys directly in the mobile-native app with our Mobile Launcher for iOS and Android.

Connect to your front-end: journeys can be embedded into 3rd party front ends, meaning clients can expose them directly in online interfaces.

Even better tools: major Product Factory upgrades will make it easier for your non-tech product owners to define and update banking and insurance products.

FintechOS 21 (Sep-Oct ‘20)


Make innovating even easier. Upgrade the Studio toolkit to make creating and updating journeys, products and processes simpler than ever before.


A visual builder: a new Customer Journey Flow designer for the Innovation Studio will give clients and partners a visual design tool to create customer journeys, describing Actors, User Interfaces, Channels, Automation Processors, Business States Transitions and applied Business Rules in the journey flow.

New no-code tools: non-tech teams will be able to create end-to-end journeys using most FintechOS capabilities thanks to a new Form-Driven Journey Designer. No coding needed.

A studio redesign: we’ll launch a new-look studio to support new features and to make a no-code design of products, journeys and internal processes feel more intuitive.

Customer comms made easy: we’ll roll out a Communication Gateway with default providers for SMS, email and app notifications. All out-of-the-box ready.

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