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Digital Experience Portals provide beautiful white-labeled B2C and B2B user interfaces. Seamlessly intertwined into the fabric of products and services.

Main Features

Smart and versatile

Explore new business models and expand beyond traditional distribution channels through chatbots, widgets or wearable apps.

Personalized Experience

Appearance, information or eligible actions, all complement each other to take the user experience to the next level of satisfaction and engagement.

Intuitive and friendly

The Experience Portal design is friendly, clean and attractive, anticipating customer need for simplicity and supporting business stakeholders to create authentic and exciting customer journeys.

Rich and Insightful

The Experience Portals are able to embed a variety of elements – shortcuts, fincharts, BI analytics, KPIs or customized HTML widgets – for an integrated and meaningful user experience.

How it works

Modern and stylish

Based on HTML 5 and informed by latest design standards, digital experience portals are appealing, intuitive and easy-to-use, well suited for both customer and employee facing apps.


The Experience Portals accommodate a wide range of browsers and devices, enabling companies to distribute innovation across channels and to address end users on their preferred touchpoint.


Directly connected to OPEN API, digital experience portals can be seamlessly integrated with virtually any other platform, be it custom frontends, core systems or third-party data providers.


The experience portals are highly adaptive, acting pretty much similar with a lizard – capable to change skin, color, form or style to match the corporate brand book or target environment.

Mobile Responsive

Automatically resize, hide, shrink, or enlarge elements, to make it look good on all devices and to facilitate customer’s digital immersion. Also able to trigger native mobile functionalities (camera, touchpad, file sharing, etc.).

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