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Digital Insurance: Designing for Growth

Watch the recordings below:

FintechOS has undertaken a study of 10 leading home insurance providers, using ecommerce conversion and UX principles to pick out good examples that any consumer-facing insurer can learn from. In this presentation we provide a highlights reel of some of the best and most interesting design principles that we believe are helping modern insurers attract and convert new customers. 

Download the slides from this presentation here. 

Watch our expert panel discuss what really helps digital insurance customers convert, how traditional firms can differentiate on digital UX, and how digital insurers can build and train teams to “design for growth”.

On the panel:

As insurers, brokers, and MGAs accelerate their plans to compete for direct-to-consumer market share, it pays to study successful marketing and design practices from other rapidly digitalising industries such as banking.  

More broadly, the conversion and growth design principles established through two decades of general consumer ecommerce can fast-track the building of highly converting digitally-distributed insurance propositions. 

In this webinar, FintechOS and partners share digital design and conversion tips which will be useful to all those who are active in delivering digital channel growth in personal lines insurance.