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Digital Platform Integrations powered by the FintechOS Ecosystem Hub

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Open APIs and Open Banking are set to completely reshape financial services

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have revolutionized software by breaking up end-to-end proprietary systems and allowing smaller pieces of software from different vendors to work together via standardized protocols. The collaboration created with APIs has revolutionized how web services work and it is the driving force behind open banking. Banks and insurers can now improve their services by integrating third-party software with APIs.

A Hub that feels like Home

The FintechOS Ecosystem Hub provides access to a large number of third-party services and data sources that you can use in your products and customer journeys without the need for separate integration. We have over 150 pre-integrated data sources that you can use already and this number is steadily rising.

The Ecosystem Hub = collaboration

The value of accessing third-party functionality through the Ecosystem Hub is clear: you do not only have access to data and services, but you can immediately use these in the Innovation Studio just as you would use internal capabilities, resulting in new service offerings which are superior in terms of cost, performance and convenience.

How Banks Financial Services and Insurance companies can create value in an API economy

In today’s financial services landscape companies need to decide which core activities they want to provide on their own and which complimentary services they want to offer via third-parties. Customers demand convenience and switching costs are low: companies need to make tactical choices. In order to be able to follow your customers wherever they choose to go, it makes sense to have access to an ecosystem of modern specialized service and data providers that can be integrated into your project.

What makes the FintechOS Ecosystem Hub different

Choose where to lead

Focus on the core product offerings that you want to compete with and supplement these with convenience offerings from the ecosystem

Deliver faster

With pre-integrated ecosystem services you can develop less and deliver more in the same timeframe.

Enable Open Banking

Be at the forefront of the open banking revolution with integrations offered by the Ecosystem Hub. Become the centre of all financial services for your customers.

Benefit from better analytics

Reduce risk and create upsell opportunities through machine learning and AI focused ecosystem partners. Benefit from technologies that would take too long for you to develop alone.

Open up new markets

Branch out into new markets like international money transfer and other payments services to attract new customers.

Continuous innovation

Focus on leveraging the power of the ecosystem to innovate, setting you free to create new revenue models, products and services.