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Accelerate product innovation

Meet the new product designer

Accelerate market entry and increase collaboration with an intuitive, sentence-based product definition approach that ensures team alignment. Banks and insurers can modernize existing products, explore new embedded propositions, bundle financial and non-financial products, and build next-generation products for emerging channels.

Get to market faster and improve collaboration with an intuitive, sentence-based product definition

Ensure all teams members are aligned on the definition of financial products. The new product designer employs an industry-first, highly optimized, sentence-based interface that makes product definition fast, intuitive, and easy to communicate with other team members.

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Start from predefined product templates

Choose from dozens of predefined product templates for banking and insurance products. Future releases will include more templates and the ability to define your own product type.

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Target customer segments quickly with bundled product offers

Take advantage of market opportunities by combining financial and non-financial products and services into offers targeted to specific customer segments. Get to market quickly by building offers on top of products that have already been vetted by compliance teams.

target customer segments

Increase acceptance rates with flexible, automated credit decisioning

From easiest to the most complex, implement eligibility criteria in layers that allow you start with simple rules and gradually build up to support complex formulas. Paste in formulas directly from Excel to allow teams to continue working with the tools they use today.

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Generate compelling offers harnessing the power of Generative AI

The first of many features built on top of a new set of foundational AI services, offer descriptions can be automatically generated within the product designer using Generative AI and based on the scope of the offer.

Generative AI enabled offer descriptions

Simplify your product portfolio by targeting multiple customer segments with a single product

Avoid the challenge of managing hundreds of different product permutations to increase personalization. Instead, with the new product designer, define different customer segments and associate them with pricing, eligibility requirements, and more – all within the same base financial product.

simplify your portfolio with FintechOS 24

Increase customer journey conversions and improve applicant experience

FintechOS 24 includes improvements to flow mapping, UI design, and revamped UI templates covering a broad set of banking and insurance use cases. Rapidly customize flows and UX/UI to your unique products, customers, and brand with a no-code/low-code approach.

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Join the Early Access Program

Harness the power of Generative AI across the financial product lifecycle

FintechOS is announcing an early access program (EAP) for a new set of foundational Generative AI services. The new services will be added to the Fintech Operating System to address many of the risks and challenges customers face adopting Generative AI within their organizations.

GAI across the FintechOS stack

Access a text-based natural language interface from anywhere inside the FintechOS platform, from defining products and offers to designing customer journeys.

A futureproof GAI strategy

Easily add or change the underlying language models being used to support new use cases and take advantage of this rapidly evolving space.

Built-in “explainability”

FintechOS AI services include the ability to generate and log explanations for each recommendation that is made.

Policies for generated content

Specify policies governing the content that is created by GAI. Policies can be used to ensure no personal data is included in the output, a top concern for financial institutions.

Reduced hallucinations

Significantly reduce the risk of GAI hallucination. The same request is issued multiple times and then another language model is used to select the best result.

Enterprise-grade SaaS

The FintechOS AI services are deployed using a SaaS-based approach that enables a separate upgrade schedule and rapid iteration of capabilities.

Empower developers with the tools they use and love

When it’s time to push beyond what can be done with no-code configuration and low-code models, FintechOS has raised the bar. Built to be developer friendly, the 24 release offers familiar tools that developers will embrace, and that fit with enterprise standards.

Extend OOTB solutions and components with the powerful tools that developers expect

Reduce friction and increase productivity by providing development teams with familiar tools to create new capabilities and extend the pre-built capabilities delivered with the FintechOS platform. The FintechOS code editor is built on top of the open-source Code-OSS project, the same code base that underpins Microsoft Visual Code.

extend ootb FintechOS

Developers get powerful code editor capabilities in their browser while the organization reduces risk

The FintechOS code editor provides capabilities such as tool integration (GitHub, SonarQube, etc.), autocomplete, syntax highlighting, formatting, debugging, and more. Access is browser-based, removing the need to install any local software and enabling developers to work from any computer with access to the FintechOS platform. Certain capabilities that present a security risk have been removed from the code editor, such as the ability to access the file system or browse other projects.

powerful code editor FintechOS

Align code deployment approaches with current enterprise standards and improve code quality

Allows teams to use GitHub directly from the FintechOS code editor to manage the deployment of FintechOS packages. Reduce friction with DevOps teams by integrating with existing standards and processes for code deployment. Improve code quality, reliability, and readability with integrations to tools like SonarQube. Improve operational efficiency through the use of tools like JIRA to manage the CI/CD pipelines. Accelerate FintechOS deployments by automating the packaging of solutions into the correct structure.

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Coming Soon

Deliver financial solutions in a cloud built for scale

With the FintechOS 24 release, customers benefit from an architecture that is built on top of Kubernetes, the market-leading container orchestration technology. Following industry best practices, all layers of the FintechOS platform have been updated to support Kubernetes.

Increase deployment flexibility

The FintechOS 24 release can be deployed to other platforms that support Kubernetes, including options for public or private cloud as well as self-managed installations.

Scale your business critical applications without limits

Many traditional deployment methods struggle to efficiently scale applications up or down to handle varying workloads. Kubernetes provides robust auto-scaling capabilities, making it easier to adapt to changing traffic patterns without manual intervention.

Simplify high availability and fault tolerance

Ensuring high availability and fault tolerance can be challenging with traditional setups. Kubernetes offers features like self-healing and rolling updates, making it easier to maintain application availability even in the face of hardware or software failures.

Address compliance and security challenges

Kubernetes offers features and best practices for enhancing security and compliance, making it a suitable choice for organizations in regulated industries or those with stringent security requirements.

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