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FintechOS Marketplace: pre-built banking and insurance apps and solutions. Out-of-the-box and ready to go

Designed with flexibility at its foundation, from configuration options to integration with third-party providers.

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Pre-built applications and solutions, ready to go.

Connectivity and scalability are pivotal to providing the best-in-class services that banking, financial services and insurance companies need and that their customers demand.

To meet these important business challenges, FintechOS supports a wide array of integration options that are built, maintained and supported in-house.

Additionally, FintechOS provides the capability to accommodate integrations that can be built by system integrator partners (SI) and other technology vendors, meaning our customers can leverage an integration with virtually any third-party provider around the globe.

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Customer Journey

Benefit from ready-made Customer Journeys built by either FintechOS, our customers or our partners. If you want to build a product or service that is akin to one of the existing marketplace apps you can start from a template to get a head start for your project. Use the Innovation Studio to make changes and tailor the marketplace app to your needs to turn it into your own unique offering.

Ecosystem Connectors

Modern financial products and services aren’t about strict competition anymore. Increasingly customers expect connectivity and a seamless experience. No provider can build every service on their own, so integrating with services from the ecosystem is a sure way to increase customer satisfaction. The marketplace includes many pre-built integrations with ecosystem services, for instance for payments or social media. Use these integrations to your benefit by making your services that much more connected and user friendly.

Evolutive Data models

Any digital product or service should have a well-designed data model behind it. The data model is the key to how you store data and more importantly, what you can do with the data in your product or service. So if you want to launch a loan product, go into the marketplace and look for data models for loan products that already exist. In this way you needn’t start from a blank page, and you don’t have to reinvent functionality that already exists.


Wouldn’t it be great if you had a dashboard that could tell you at a glance how well your financial product was performing? With the analytics built into FintechOS you can do just that. And making meaningful actionable dashboards has never been easier because of how our Evolutive Data Core brings together so many data sources. In the marketplace you can find ready-to-go examples of dashboards and advanced analytics that will help you gain more valuable insights into your products and services perform.