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Take control of digital product delivery

FintechOS Studio is where your non-technical teams can create and launch truly personalized products and customer journeys using a no-/low-code approach. All driven by data and powered by automation. An easy-to-use visual builder makes the whole process simple and accessible.

Go beyond traditional products and services

Enable teams to define differentiated financial products and services across lending, property and casualty, life, health and embedded finance. Drawing on rich data, each customer can receive a tailored oflending, property and casualty, life, health and embedded financefer that satisfies individual needs and creates lasting engagement.

Design smooth omnichannel customer journeys

Orchestrate customer journeys based on personas, contextual data, and behavior. Check for fraud, KYC, and scoring or underwriting rules in real time. A comprehensive set of tools such as a forms designer, a layout designer, and various validation engines help you build the perfect user experience.

Accelerate time to value with pre-built capabilities

With FintechOS Accelerators you can start from industry data models, pre-defined financial products, customer journeys, and ecosystem connectors covering a broad spectrum of innovative use cases.


Harness innovation from the ecosystem

Choose from over 150 pre-integrated third-party services and data sources that you can use to incorporate external innovation into your products and customer journeys without the need for separate integration.

Streamline underwriting decisions with data-driven automation

Take advantage of scoring and rating engines to power underwriting processes with the automatic evaluation of custom business rules in customer journeys.

Measure and analyze impact in real-time

Analyze the performance of your business in a comprehensive and highly visual way. See which of your products and services are meeting financial goals. Identify where drop-off is affecting the conversion rates of your customer journeys.

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