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FintechOS Founders Selected as the First Romanians to Join Endeavor’s Global Network

Co-founders Teodor Blidarus and Sergiu Negut are now part of the organization’s high-impact worldwide community of 2,000+ entrepreneurs

Bucharest, May 21st 2021 –The bank and insurance technology company, FintechOS was selected as the first company founded in Romania to join Endeavor, the leading global community supporting high-impact entrepreneurs. Co-founders Teodor Blidarus and Sergiu Negut participated in Endeavor’s selection process and were unanimously chosen to join the network at the 15th virtual International Selection Panel (vISP) held May 17-19, 2021.

After successfully raising one of the largest Series B funding rounds in Europe this year, FintechOS joins the exclusive roster of over 2,000 high growth entrepreneurs from nearly 40 markets, generating combined revenues of over 28 billion USD, creating 4 million jobs, and raising more than 4 billion USD in capital in 2020. With support from EBRD, Dedeman, and Globalworth, Endeavor Romania launched less than four months ago to elevate and support scaling entrepreneurs in the region. The office provides Romanian entrepreneurs a unique network of trust for founders to dream big, scale up, and pay it forward to the next generation of entrepreneurs. The Endeavor Romania board includes UiPath, Autonom, Vivre, Banca Transilvania, Arobs and RTPR.

“The entrepreneurs selected at the 15th vISP are a true testament to Endeavor’s founding belief that high-impact founders are innovating and scaling up all around the world,” said Endeavor Co-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg. “Thank you to members of Endeavor’s global network who donated their time and expertise as panelists, and congratulations to the newest Endeavor Entrepreneurs!”

FintechOS was established in 2017, after Teodor and Sergiu saw the potential of a product-led growth business that delivered digital transformation for the financial sector. The company combines three software trends; end-to-end digital financial services, a data-driven platform, and a self-service, no code interaction – enabling financial institutions and insurance providers to rapidly build and deploy modern, personalized, data-driven products and improved customer journeys, irrespective of their legacy infrastructure. With Teodor overseeing the go-to-market and product strategy and Sergiu covering strategy, people and culture, as well as international expansion, FintechOS now operates in more than 20 markets, servicing over 40 clients with assets under management north of 100 billion USD.

“As the world of financial services continues to become more competitive, banks, financial services and insurance companies start to prioritise customer experience in order to retain them. Moreover, in the age of fintech and Big Tech, building personalised journeys will keep these institutions relevant in the competition with their agile fintech counterparts. This is where FintechOS comes in – we bridge the gap between legacy and future-forward approaches – with end-to-end solutions, automated processes, and personalised offerings, keeping customers at the core. Being selected as part of Endeavor is a motivation for us to work even harder on our mission and we are very excited to be part of this incredible network of entrepreneurs and be part of this unique pool of knowledge and talent.” – declared Teo Blidarus, CEO and co-founder FintechOS.

“We thank the Endeavor team for the trust – this serves as proof that we are right in our mission to support access to essential financial services worldwide. Our unique approach to financial technology is designed to overcome many of the barriers service providers face in serving those financially excluded.  Also, this is a major step towards giving broader recognition and global visibility to businesses originating from Romania and an encouragement for every Romanian entrepreneur with global ambitions” – added Sergiu Negut, CSO and co-founder.

Endeavor’s vISP is the final phase of a multi-step rigorous selection process, where candidates pitch their companies to top international business leaders and investors from the Endeavor network, making those obtaining a unanimous vote officially Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Once selected into the network by a team of global panelists, entrepreneurs gain access to a wide array of services, including access to talent, capital, and international markets, and an exclusive network that will enable them to scale their businesses and multiply their impact.

“For the Romanian entrepreneurial ecosystem, the selection of FintechOS in the Endeavor Network is a confirmation of the value and the huge development potential of Romanian companies in a truly global setting. We are eager to discover together other innovative companies and other entrepreneurs as focused and enthusiastic as Teodor and Sergiu and enhance their development with the help of Endeavor”, said Marius Stefan, the Chairman of Endeavor Romania’s board.  

About FintechOS  

FintechOS is driving a paradigm shift in the way financial products and services are created by making banks and insurers truly customer centric. 

We consolidate critical data from multiple sources like existing databases and ecosystem APIs and these rich data insights are automatically plugged into every step of the customer journey to create truly personalized offerings. Our tech integrates seamlessly with existing IT systems and our low code tools quickly empower organizations to design personalized customer experiences. 

These capabilities free our customers to tailor products, services, and interactions to a segment of one, increase ROI and decrease time-to-market. 

FintechOS Lighthouse is designed to build end-to-end banking customer journeys that are fit for the future – it enables the delivery of smarter, personalized products and services. Pre-built functionality and low-code empower organizations to create value quickly. Move away from legacy systems or keep them in place – it’s all possible.  

FintechOS Northstar, our customer-centric platform for insurance lets insurers deliver clever products and services, at a faster rate. Our platform makes continuous innovation and fast go-to-market a reality. At the same time, it reduces cost via end-to-end digital customer journeys and increased efficiencies. 

The FintechOS Innovation Studio opens up access to technology through a low code framework. It’s a space where your non-technical teams can create and launch personalized products and journeys – all driven by data and powered by automation. 

More than 40 institutions run on FintechOS, including Erste Bank, Société Générale, Howden Group Holdings, Vienna Insurance Group and many more. Our reach spans 20 markets and four continents. We manage more than $100bn in assets and have offices in London, Amsterdam and Bucharest. To find out more, visit us at 

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