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Over 1,000 banking and insurance leaders will join FintechOS Leap to discuss tech innovation in financial services

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London, 21st September 2021 – FintechOS Leap, the free banking and insurance event from FintechOSa global technology provider for banks, insurers, credit unions and other financial services companies, will be taking place between 2nd – 4nd November 2021.  

The event – formerly known as FinVision – will bring together over 1,000 leaders working in banking and insurance and is designed to fast-track the digital roadmap for companies working across these two industries. The event’s new name better reflects the journey of FintechOS’s brand with the tech provider maturing and expanding its products, customer base and the markets it operates in. Since its Series B funding round announcement, FintechOS has entered the US market and has its sights set on Asia Pacific, the Middle East and North Africa. 

The virtual conference will bring to the forefront FintechOS’s self-service approach that empowers institutions to build, test and scale digital products in weeks rather than months, and attendees will be walked through the FintechOS platform, hearing from companies already using ‘plug and play’ solutions such as FintechOS Lighthouse and FintechOS Northstar.  

Featuring over 20 speakers, covering the latest trends in tech innovation and digital leadership, FintechOS leap sessions include:  

  • How to build a low code/no code banking product in 15 minutes  
  • Super apps in banking and insurance  
  • Cloud innovation in financial services  
  • Building the bank of tomorrow  
  • Delivering the right digital first claims experience. 

Sessions will be held in a variety of virtual formats including keynotes, fireside chats, radio shows, panels, lightning talks, Q&As and networking sessions. The event will be streamed via the Hopin virtual platform. To register for the event please visit   

“This year we’ll leap into real-life digital transformation journeys, as various well-respected figures from banking and insurance will highlight the ups and downs of digitization and things to look out for along the way”, said Teo Blidarus, CEO and co-founder of FintechOS. “Attendees will also learn how the latest FintechOS platform can upgrade their customer experience – it’s not one to be missed.” 


About FintechOS  

FintechOS is driving a paradigm shift in the way financial products and services are created by making banks and insurers truly customer-centric.  

We consolidate critical data from multiple sources like existing databases and ecosystem APIs and these rich data insights are automatically plugged into every step of the customer journey to create truly personalized offerings. Our tech integrates seamlessly with existing IT systems and our low code tools quickly empower organizations to design valuable customer experiences.  

These capabilities free our customers to tailor products, services, and interactions to a segment of one, increase ROI and decrease time-to-market. 

FintechOS Lighthouse is designed to build end-to-end banking customer journeys that are fit for the future – it enables the delivery of smarter, personalized products and services. Pre-built functionality and low-code empower organizations to create value quickly. Move away from legacy systems or keep them in place – it’s all possible.  

FintechOS Northstar, our customer-centric platform for insurance lets insurers deliver clever products and services, at a faster rate. Our platform makes continuous innovation and fast go-to-market a reality. At the same time, it reduces cost via end-to-end digital customer journeys and increased efficiencies. 

The FintechOS Innovation Studio opens up access to innovation through a low code framework. It’s a space where your non-technical teams can create and launch personalized products and journeys – all driven by data and powered by automation. 

More than 40 institutions run on FintechOS, including Erste Bank, Societe Generale, Scotiabank, Howden Group Holdings, Vienna Insurance Group and many more. Our reach spans 20 markets and four continents. We manage more than $100bn in assets and have offices in London, Amsterdam, New York and Bucharest.  

Find out more, visit us at   

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