BNPL and embedded lending

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) and point-of-sale (PoS) lending are a golden opportunity for banks, lenders, neobanks, and ambitious retailers

Buy Now Pay Later has exploded in popularity

The pandemic has driven a global fast-forward in ecommerce growth. In turn, this has supercharged interest in new, ecommerce-native methods of payment. BNPL is part of a wider family of new embedded payments and lending solutions that are disrupting traditional cards, loans, overdrafts, and checkout providers.

There’s no going back and the question for established banks and lenders is: will you try to stand against the trend or become part of the future?


global BNPL industry size by 2025 according to Bank of America


expected BNPL market growth, accounting for 13% of all global ecommerce payments by 2024


of consumers of all age groups in Western Europe are open to using BNPL when they’re shopping

Embedded lending product factory

The FintechOS platform empowers digital teams to create and iterate on PoS lending offerings without the need for advanced coding skills. Our platform empowers you to create new products in days, rather than months or years, following the changing market and consumers needs.

Innovative customer journey design​

The FintechOS platform gives digital pioneers all the tools they need to build engaging, personalized, flexible customer journeys that will thrill modern consumers. With low-code/no-code creation and automation tools at their fingertips, financial services providers are only limited by their imaginations.

Lean full-stack business services

The innovations you build with the FintechOS platform don’t just end with the customer. Our system can empower your whole business lifecycle, providing the tools you need to adapt and grow your business into the future of financial services. From the core to the customer, you’ll be proud of your digital ecosystem.

How does FintechOS help?

Dedicated BNPL capabilities
FintechOS supports a full range of product and journey capabilities to construct and bring to market unique and iterative BNPL propositions.​
Pre-built solution components
Fast-forward development by starting with digital journey templates designed for embedded lending use cases​.
Total control of product design
Control all aspects of the customer experience and underlying product parameters, including powerful credit/risk scoring and decisioning rules.
Full lifecycle via a single platform
Cover the full BNPL solution lifecycle, including merchant administration, reporting and analytics, and after-sales self service including payments.

Solution details

Embeddable customer experience

Journey logic and orchestration for third-party front ends​

Powerful lending product factory

BNPL financial product factory, including eligibility logic​

Business logic orchestration

Configurable fintech infrastructure to work with data and automation across the front end, merchant office, product management, and system administration

Brand management

Create unique offerings with complete control over channel integration, content, and localization​

Lean core banking

Consumer, contracts, and transaction processing via optional lean core ledger​​

Cloud-native architecture

Prototype and go live fast with powerful, secure, scalable development and hosting

Start from pre-built digital journeys

Ecommerce purchase offers
Automatically surface BNPL options in product pages
Checkout integration
Place new BNPL options in checkout
BNPL onboarding
New BNPL wallet customer signup
Configurable credit eligibility checks
Integrate your preferred KYC ID provider
Leverage open banking data integration
Self-service payments management

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