Chats with the Changemakers

Actionable insights from the financial services industry’s sharpest minds.

Whether watching live or on-demand—discover an ongoing series of discussions with the innovators, experts, and leaders that are transforming the industry.  

Pioneers Wanted

Philip Clarke
Founder, ​Hunch Strategic Innovation

  • Who are the natural pioneers?​
  • Coaching CEOs on innovation​
  • Does agile work?​
  • Making futurism useful​

Uncommon Sense ​ and Innovation

Jules Goddard
Fellow @ Centre for Management Development, London Business School​

  • How leading brands outperform competitors​
  • What strategy is and isn’t​
  • How to be a smart follower​
  • Can businesses make innovation more scientific?​

Fintech for Longevity

Dr Ira Sobel
Founder, Fintech 4longevity​

  • Why is longevity the big opportunity?​
  • What Silicon Valley are already doing​
  • If older customers use branches, is digital relevant to them?​
  • Strategic pillars for financial inclusion innovators​

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