Competing with insurtechs: How insurers can win back customers

Duration: 1 hour

The Chartered Institute of Insurance has some brutal news for the profession. There is a crisis of trust in insurance. Under-insurance is the prime symptom. In the UK one in four homes has no form of home insurance. Fewer than one in three UK citizens has life insurance. It leaves families unprotected and vulnerable. Worse, insurtech start-ups are hammering the incumbents. Globally, there are 1,552 insurtech start-ups.

Insurance is vital for a happy society. Trust the foundation stone of insurance. If providers can not address the crisis in trust, they will continue to fail consumers, and risk being replaced by rivals who can.

Watch this webinar to discover:

  • The greatest challenges facing insurance today
  • The root causes of low trust in insurance
  • Why insurers need to upgrade legacy systems to the point where innovation is possible

Meet the speakers

Lidia Dragan Director of Products & Services UNIQA Asigurari
Marius Lazia Product Owner in Insurance FintechOS
Catalin Dediu
Catalin Dediu Head of Product Marketing FintechOS

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Competing with insurtechs: How insurers can win back customers