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How Bright is the Future of GAI?

How Bright is the Future of GAI?

The Future of Generative AI

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Duration: 1h

In this webinar, learn all about GAI, what it can do for banks and credit unions, and the ways financial institutions can harness its potential to gain an advantage in the highly competitive market.

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Generative AI (or GAI for short) is a hot topic across every industry. But as this new tech makes waves across banking, it’s prompting more questions. What exactly is GAI? What can it actually do for financial services organizations? And how can banks and credit unions use it to their advantage? 

Join us for a closer look into the world of Generative AI with our VP of Product Marketing, Mike Hughes. You’ll learn:

  • The use cases of GAI.
  • The benefits of GAI for banks and credit unions.
  • The challenges financial services organizations are taking on with the help of GAI.

Plus, you’ll get a sneak preview of the results from our upcoming GAI banking survey! 

Meet the speakers

Mike Hughes, VP of Product Marketing, FintechOS

Mike Hughes

VP, Product Marketing

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How Bright is the Future of GAI?

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