Insurance 2022 Onwards: No Old Normal

Duration: 1 hour

Join FintechOS and four digital experts for a recorded webinar which took place on Wednesday 21 July 2021, looking at the recent hyper-acceleration of digitalization in personal lines insurance, and ideas on prioritizing technology investments to stay ahead in this fast-changing industry. 

Watch this on-demand session to gain insights on: 

  • The history of digitalization of personal lines insurance so far, and what to expect next 
  • What UK FCA regulations can tell us about building digital insurance products which are compliant and personalized 
  • How traditional insurers can re-think customer lifecycle stages and become more competitive versus digital challengers 

The pandemic has changed daily life, work, and the economy worldwide. Sudden and rapidly accelerated digitalization has enabled life to continue, but what if our current situation is not just a temporary set of defensive measures, but closer to a new normal for how the world works from 2022 onwards? Understanding these trends will be vital for strategists, product managers, IT, security, risk, compliance management and digital leaders working for insurers, underwriters, agents or brokers in the Lloyd's and London insurance market. 

In a webinar hosted by London Market specialists Insurance Technology Forum, consultants from FintechOS and Altus provide their perspectives on the path ahead for the insurance industry. 

Meet the speakers

Jerry Adley
Jerry Adley Insurance Technology Consultant Sequel Business Solutions
Mark McDonald
Mark McDonald Head of Insurtech Strategy Altus
David Punter
David Punter Product Owner, Digital Insurance FintechOS
George Baily
George Baily Marketing Manager, Digital Insurance FintechOS

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Insurance 2022 Onwards: No Old Normal