Personalized Digital Banking with a Human Touch – The Stepping Stone to Growth

Duration: 45 minutes

In today’s increasingly digital world, customers have more choices than ever before. To remain competitive, banks need to seek new ways to engage with their customers and optimize their banking experience in a way that helps forge strong connections and build trust and loyalty. 

Join this webinar to learn how banks can deliver value-based engagement and infuse personalization into digital interactions and across all everyday touchpoints to effectively empower and create long-term, close relationships with customers.

Watch this banking webinar to get insights on:

  • The key drivers shaping the digital and Customer Experience (CX) innovation priorities in banking
  • Infusing personalization into digital interactions to forge strong customer connections
  • The touchpoints within the customer journey where digital versus human interactions can be used to add the most value for customers and boost loyalty
  • Practical examples and insights on how to create seamless, personalized experiences and journeys
  • How to leverage data, analytics and modern digital technologies to deliver products and services with an optimal level of personalization and contextuality

Meet the speakers

Ionut Encescu
Ionut Encescu Head of Products & Digital Innovation Hub First Bank
Vitor Barros
Vitor Barros Head of Platform Evangelism FintechOS

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Personalized Digital Banking with a Human Touch – The Stepping Stone to Growth