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Selling with Partners. FintechOS in Insurance

Selling with Partners. FintechOS in Insurance

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Recommended for: representatives of selling partners, business owners, insurance industry leaders, practice leaders, delivery leaders, project management teams.

Society is changing fast and so is the landscape for general insurance. Innovations such as the rise of electric self-driving cars and long-term trends such as climate change call for new forms of coverage and new ways to assess risk. Customer expectations are changing equally rapidly. With the rise of digitization in all aspects of life, customers increasingly buy through digital channels, aggregators, or buy coverage as an embedded product. Insurers are under pressure from new competitors such as car manufacturers that bundle insurance with their products in their own fight for relevance.

Watch this insightful webinar where we’ll explore all of these from a partnership perspective!

Breaking into insurance with partners

Find out more about FintechOS go-to-market model for the insurance market and discover our dedicated solutions. Hot topics such as: general insurance, life and health insurance will be addressed through a low-code/no-code solution perspective.

Chris Kay, Sales Director – General Insurance, and Marius Lazia, Product Management Director FintechOS platform will walk you through the FintechOS insurance portfolio and showcase how our solutions can enable the customers to face the current digital challenges coming from life, health, or pet insurance. 

We take partnerships very seriously in our mission to help insurers delight their customers with hyper personalized, integrated and easily accessible financial services, built and delivered at pace.

Watch this session to have a view into FintechOs positioning, selling strategy, business model in insurance and how we can address the market challenges and meet the customers’ needs. Learn today about the company strategic approach. 

On the agenda:

  • Why FintechOS? Why FintechOS platform? – Product vision/platform “building blocks”
  • What are the clients’ pain points and how they can be addressed with the FintechOS Solutions suite? Main use cases addressed in 2022
  • What do customers say? Study cases

Meet the speakers

Irina Olanescu Headshot

Irina Olanescu

Partner Success Management Director

Chris Kay, sales director for insurance, FintechOS

Chris Kay

Sales Director - General Insurance

Marius-Lazia Headshot

Marius Lazia

Product Management Director, FintechOS platform

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Selling with Partners. FintechOS in Insurance

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