Technology trends driving Claims Transformation

Duration: 1 hour

A recent Forrester survey shows that 71% of UK property and casualty insurance customers would consider switching providers if they had a bad claims experienceDoes this point towards traditional, manual claims management no longer being completely fit for purpose, and is digitizing the process behind the customer experience the answer?

The beginning of 2020 has proved exceptionally difficult. High costs, the risk of human error, fraud or overpayment, and the impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty of ineffective claims processes creates an urgent need for innovation, automation and a business transformation roadmap - including the shift to hyper-personalized Digital Claims Management.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What the challenges and opportunities facing claims management are
  • What the best practices in claims management around the world are
  • How technology helps insurers overcome these challenges

Meet the speakers

Catalin Dediu
Catalin Dediu Head of Product Marketing FintechOS
Lee McCready
Lee McCready Head of Insurance UK FintechOS

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Technology trends driving Claims Transformation