The Future of Mortgages: Digital or Hybrid?

Duration: 1 hour

Mortgages are one of the largest, most complex financial products. Thus, even the most digital-savvy consumers want to be guided throughout a decision and process of this magnitude.  

To remain competitive, lenders need to consider taking a hybrid approach – which combines enhanced digital capabilities with human guidance and assistance.

This on-demand webinar explores some of the common challenges that banks are facing when it comes to mortgages and how they can leverage technology to overcome them. 

Watch this on-demand session to learn how banks can strengthen mortgage lending competitiveness.  

Held in association with Fintech Finance, this webinar features expert speakers from HSBC UK, Trussle and FintechOS. Highlights: 

  • How lenders can take the complexity out of mortgage applications and build truly customer-centric experiences 
  • Self-service approach versus assisted approach – the benefits of taking a hybrid approach 
  • How technology can help accelerate digitization

Meet the speakers

Chris Pearson Head of Intermediary Mortgages HSBC
Laurean Herepean
Laurean Herepean Digital Banking Product Owner FintechOS
Tom Hodgson
Tom Hodgson Commercial Director Trussle
Doug Mackenzie
Douglas Mackenzie Chief Content Officer Fintech Finance

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The Future of Mortgages: Digital or Hybrid?