Buy Now Pay Later Wayfinder

Buy Now Pay Later Wayfinder

2022 research and strategy report on Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) for established banks and lenders – download now.

13 March 2022
Digital Transformation
SME Banking
SME Lending

Buy Now Pay Later Wayfinder – BNPL strategy whitepaper 2022 - FintechOS

What do consumers love about Buy Now Pay Later? 

To build winning embedded lending propositions, it’s essential for banks and lenders to understand what customers want from BNPL, and this is the question we address in the first part of this new report.

Read the first part of this BNPL strategy report to find out:

  • New FintechOS research on BNPL consumer preferences in France, Germany, and Spain
  • Analysis of what drives shoppers’ use of BNPL
  • How banks and lenders can maintain high standards of trust and compliance when designing new BNPL propositions
  • What to expect from regulation of BNPL and embedded lending
  • The essential UX and product attributes to consider when building a customer-centric BNPL proposition

FintechOS empowers established financial institutions to build innovative, customer-centric products faster and with greatly reduced cost of change. Use cases supported by our platform now include BNPL and embedded personal loans.

As a rapidly growing innovation space, financial enterprises should consider a variety of possible BNPL and embedded lending use cases before committing to a particular product strategy. This “wayfinder” report reveals our FintechOS guidance on key consumer requirements and product attributes, and helps unpack the technology stack required to build new BNPL solutions. Enjoy the read!

With the impressive expansion of BNPL and its consequent impact on established payments and the lending market, we find that the entire established FS industry is currently at a strategic crossroads: players can defend against yet another consumer fintech challenge they didn’t entirely anticipate, or they can “lean in”, learn from what has happened so far, and join this new competitive space.

Michael Pierce

Commercial Director with Western Europe

Buy Now Pay Later Wayfinder – BNPL strategy whitepaper 2022 - FintechOS