Digital-First SME Banking — Efma

Digital-First SME Banking — Efma

17 June 2021
SME Banking

This report looks at the SME banking landscape and, more critically, how banks are becoming digital-first. 

Digital-First SME Banking

Find out about the major trends shaping the global banking landscape in a report which reveals:

  • How to build truly customer-centric propositions for SMEs 
  • Practical examples of SME banking done right
  • The secrets behind the success of SME neobanks
  • Executive views on the next evolution of SME banking based on interviews with business leaders from ABN AMRO, Nordea, OTP Bank and HSBC
  • Key findings from a survey conducted with 40 SME bankers around the globe on how to best capitalize on market trends to deliver new, superior offerings to SME customers
  • How FintechOS helps SME banks become digital-first players  

To meet the evolving needs of SME customers, banks are transforming their business models, digitizing their offerings, and creating ecosystems with a whole range of beyond banking services.   

This report provides key insights and considerations on the SME banking space, including trends, challenges and opportunities, evolving service models, digital initiatives, or partnership plans. It also shows how banks can capitalize on these dynamics to build truly customer-centric propositions for SMEs and unlock the vast opportunities for innovation and growth in SME banking.

The comprehensive research paper was developed in partnership with Efma. A global non-profit organization, established in 1971 by banks and insurance companies, Efma facilitates networking between decision-makers. It provides quality insights to help banks and insurance companies make the right decisions to foster innovation and drive their transformation. 120 financial groups in 133 countries are Efma members.


“We believe the banks that will be successful are those that are able to create ecosystems and offer complex value propositions to their clients – combining financial products with value-added services.”

Tibor Csonka

Managing Director, Corporate Directorate with OTP Bank

This report looks at the SME banking landscape and, more critically, how banks are becoming digital-first.