Vox Pop Report: Leap into the Future of Banking


This Vox Pop report explores the latest trends in technology innovation and digital leadership in banking. Get your copy now to learn about: 

  • How the global financial services landscape is changing 
  • Top technology trends in retail banking for 2022 
  • How banks can optimize the loan origination experience 
  • Bridging the SME financing gap through innovative lending  
  • What’s driving the adoption of digital mortgages
  • How FintechOS enables banks to modernize legacy architecture and launch new offerings at speed 

The report features insights by 10+ thought leaders and executives at Avant Money, BlackRock, Celent, EY, First Bank, Pacemakers, Raiffeisen, and TBI Bank. 

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FintechOS Leap 2021 featured over 30 interactive sessions and 50 visionary speakers, covering inspirational keynotes, digital transformation success stories, and actionable insights on how to stay ahead of industry trends. This Vox Pop report offers a selection of the most valuable highlights and takeaways from the event.  

Get your copy now to learn how banks can fast-track their digital roadmap and why ambient financial services will be a game changer in the industry, and why it is important to leverage a high-productivity financial infrastructure like FintechOS 22. The report explores the top technology trends that banks need to watch out for in 2022, how lenders can use automation to improve the loan origination experience, how to use innovation to bridge the SME financing gap, and what's driving the adoption of digital mortgages worldwide.

It also offers insights into the latest features available in FintechOS 22 and shows how the platform enables banks to build value fast.

Mockup digital banking UI indicating FintechOS solution capabilities in accelerating the rollout of prototype and live front-end portals.

New generations think in journeys rather than institutions, and banks should think about this and expand into ecosystem services; they need to have wider platforms. […] The true trend is the merger of services into ecosystem architecture.

– Peter Baron

The technology is the enabler, but you also have to think about you can get that system to reinvent a home-buying journey for customers, and move beyond selling a mortgage, and move into this next generation thinking of helping someone find a home, helping someone get a home, and helping someone move into that home.

– Niall Corrigan
Partner, EY

Key figures

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Billion (USD $) is the estimated value of the global Digital Lending Market size in 2026 (from 10.7 billion in 2021)


of small and mid-size enterprises SMEs do not have access to credit from regulated financial institutions 

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of lenders believe that technology could help improve the mortgage application process

Vox Pop report on the global banking industry