Vox Pop Report: Sunglow, Super Apps and a Giant Leap for Banking

Vox Pop Report: Sunglow, Super Apps and a Giant Leap for Banking

17 January 2022
Digital Transformation
SME Banking
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Vox Pop Report: Sunglow, Super Apps and a Giant Leap for Banking

This Vox Pop report explores the latest trends in technology innovation and digital leadership in banking. Get your copy now to learn about:

  • Why ambient banking is a huge opportunity for both established banks and challengers
  • The birth and evolution of super apps
  • A look at four of the world’s biggest super apps
  • The three core qualities of a super app
  • Why super apps are the next step in the journey
  • The importance of ecosystem partnerships in responding to evolving market conditions
  • A tour of Sunglow – a showcase super app showing how FintechOS can power a high productivity financial infrastructure fuelled by a low-code innovation approach
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Ambient banking is breaking down old distinctions and offering new ways to reach and serve customers. Retailers are now providing traditional banking services and new forms of lending such as Buy Now Pay Later, telcos are handling payments, whilst social media giants are getting involved in finance.

This report explores the birth and evolution of super-apps and offers insights into why (and how) taking an ecosystem-based, super app approach can involve collaboration between the incumbents and challengers, combining the benefits of scale, loyalty and global resources enjoyed by giant financial institutions with the agility, flexibility and innovative edge of fintech trailblazers.

Ecosystems enabled by digital platforms could unlock a $100 trillion of value for all businesses and the wider society in the next 10 years, with finance being one of the main beneficiaries – according to Accenture.

The report also offers a look at Sunglow – a showcase super app that we demonstrated at the FintechOS Leap 2021 conference, where we also showed how FintechOS enables banks to create seamless, customer-centric journeys at unprecedented speed.


Ecosystem partnerships are nevertheless an important part of established players’ multi-pronged response to evolving market conditions – as well as vital to preventing their customer bases from being gradually picked off by niche offerings.


Key figures


trillion USD was spent on transformation in a single year (2018), but $900 billion was wasted


of business leaders believe current business models will be unrecognizable in the next 5 years


Trillion $ is the value that ecosystems enabled by digital platforms could unlock in the next decade

Vox Pop Report: Sunglow, Super Apps and a Giant Leap for Banking