By FintechOS · September 19, 2018
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What’s new in the ‘Woz’ release?

Named ‘WOZ’ as a tribute to Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak, FintechOS 18.1 release aims to revolutionize the way financial apps are designed and built, just as the first Woz did with Apple I and II. The release focuses on usability and friendliness and brings huge improvements in terms of digital customer journeys, designer experience and AppStore content. 

‘Woz’ responds to the feedback we’ve received from our partners and comes with proactive features to streamline implementation and upgrades. It helps galvanize innovation and accelerates development speed, while conveying powerful tools to design and launch financial apps, even faster as before. The apps, published by our R&D team or by our partners, are available in the Fintech AppStore for discovery or gap analysis and can be downloaded anytime on demand. 

Here is a glimpse of the rich functionality FintechOS ‘WOZ’ brings to your business: 

Robot Assisted Designer 

  • dedicated launchpad for Fintech Designers providing increased relevance and control over change management and development cycles; 
  • increased usability in regards to naming convention and user journeys configuration, as well as enriched data model through virtual attributes; 
  • highcharts library embedded within the platform for extended chart capabilities and improved look and feel; 
  • extended capabilities to define helpers for typical automation rules, through client side libraries, facilitating re-use of innovation; 
  • definition files for aftergeneratejs, scripts, filterJs and script libraries have been added to help designers when writing code into the JavaScript fields; 
  • Monaco editor integrated on javascript fields allowing IntelliSense and programming languages such as TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and others; 
  • script scheduler to better plan the execution of scripts on server side; 
  • improved debugging support for client side and server side code to simplify troubleshooting and bug fixes, allowing designers to view line step information, locals and durations. 


Digital Experience Portal 

  • higher levels of personalization of the user experience, notably on the user profile side; 
  • increased usability within the digital experience portal, through features such as wizard mode, sticky headers or search data optimization; 
  • extended widgets types now including HTML, Fincharts, KPI, Power Bi Reports, Shortcuts or Entity Views that enable rich dashboard content and enhanced visualization; 
  • homepage dashboards highly-customizable in terms of style, order, number or content for tailored user experienced based on security roles; 
  • rich library of charts available for creating analytics informed by the open data model. 


Fintech AppStore 

  • dedicated portal to explore published financial apps, allowing business users with proper security rights to visualize and download apps; 
  • release history and dependencies available for each app, enabling business users to better plan app installation or upgrade; 
  • new app for Video Streaming supporting video KYC process, available both on desktop and mobile; 
  • improved usability and look and feel for Digital Audience Management, Digital Content Management and Digital Campaign Management, Digital Campaign Analytics apps; 
  • new versions of Digital Risk & Rating Engine, Digital Lead Management, Digital Case Management and Digital Customer Self-Service apps. 


Digital Customer 360 

Customer 360 components were packed individually, as standalone apps, for increased modularity and control over the app lifecycle. 

The apps resulted this way are Single Customer View, Digital Audience Management, Digital Content Management and Campaign Orchestration. 


Single Customer View 

  • improved user interface and general look and feel; 
  • centralized overview of communication flow, including actions and activities that can be event-triggered, on demand or generated by a campaign. 


Digital Audience Management 

  • major changes in terms of usability in regards to creating new audience segments; 
  • new feature for combining several segments together based on inclusion, union or exclusion criteria; 
  • the ability to preview results to better check segmentation criteria 
  • the possibility to export target audience in excel for aggregated view of customers 


Digital Content Management 

  • the ability to view the campaign and corresponding timeline steps using a specific content template; 
  • the possibility to set limits for the number of characters that will raise exceptions for manual validations if exceeded. 


Digital Campaign Orchestration 

  • enriched functionality related to anti-spam rules, including the possibility to set time range for sending notifications or manage weekend and holidays; 
  • the possibility to set multiple campaign timelines within one campaign, with distinct audiences, channel, content templates or execution timeframe; 
  • improved capability in regards to action tracking, providing better insights on campaign performance; 
  • new feature for previewing customers exceeding the limit of characters set for content templates due to variable value of tokens. 


Digital Campaign Analytics 

  • improved performance analytics on campaign level; 
  • specialized dashboard aggregating metrics from all campaign. 


Digital Product Factory 

  • Banking:  
  • the possibility to set multiple commissions and interest rates for the same product given distribution channel, reseller, credit value or tenor for an aggregated view of product settings. 
  • enhanced functionality in regards to decisional risk module to include also parameters on function definition; 
  • increased support for returning results as formula further to be used in calculation; 
  • advanced versioning capabilities in regards to approval workflows and workflow history; 
  •  Insurance:  
  • extended functionality for adding multiple product packages on one product to accommodate various insured objects and risks; 
  • the ability to define insured risks, premium calculation and adjustment coefficients on insurance package level; 
  • the possibility to define coverage limits on each covered risk; 
  • Advanced versioning capabilities in regards to approval workflows and workflow history. 


Digital Cloud Services 

  • OCR and Face Recognition published on cloud; 
  • newly added validations on ID Card OCR for PIN, as well as cross validations on other fields (birth date body vs birth date MRZ, last 6 digits from PIN body vs MRZ, age above 18); 
  • new fields added in body: lastnamegivenname,documentnumberpersonalnumberbirthCountry, birthplace; 
  • proprietary app for Video Streaming available on cloud. 



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