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The Future of SME Insurance is Customer Centric

The Future of SME Insurance is Customer Centric

Customer centricity

Duration: 1h

Recommended for the following roles in established insurers and brokers: product, strategy, innovation, client services, digital transformation, growth, UX, technology.

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Join FintechOS and four senior industry experts for a recorded panel discussion which took place on Tuesday 8 June 2021, looking at the innovation opportunities in the insurance market for SMEs and how to use customer-centric product and service design to win.

Watch this on-demand session to gain insights on:

  • What modern small businesses struggle with when getting insurance
  • Examples of good customer-centricity in new digital brands
  • How established insurers can create better digital customer experience
  • Product and CX design – who in the insurance firm tackles this?
  • Customer-centric products and design: how to accelerate innovation

What does innovative small business insurance look like in 2021? Perhaps it’s on-demand cover for Airbnb landlords, flood insurance that automatically starts a claims using IoT water sensors, or pay-per-flight commercial drone insurance verified with GPS data. Sometimes, all that’s needed to win big might be simplifying quote & bind for an existing business policy so that it can be set up in minutes using an app with less jargon and more transparent pricing.

One thing is for sure: one-size-fits-all policies, with complex conditions and pricing dependent on bottlenecks of human advisors, and paper-based processes taking weeks to complete… are 20th-Century approaches that are no longer competitive.

We’re looking at our favourite examples of innovative plays in digital insurance, and picking out the key customer-centric features and design mindset which established insurers can learn and apply in their own product innovation, particularly within the SME space.

Meet the speakers

Maarten Ectors Headhsot

Maarten Ectors

Advisor, Tech Visionary
Profit Growing Innovator Ltd

Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen Headhsot

Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen

Chairman Executive Board

Puneet Bharal

Puneet Bharal

Digital Insurance Solutions

karl lawless headshot

Karl Lawless

VP Insurance

Nadine Methner Headshot

Nadine Methner

McKinsey & Company

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The Future of SME Insurance is Customer Centric

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