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150-Year-Old Bank Transforms into Digital Innovator

FintechOS enabled an incumbent bank to modernize despite its legacy systems, launching a full-service digital business.


A bank with deep historical roots wanted to become more competitive and reinvent itself as a digital leader and innovator. The FintechOS platform enabled this transformation, helping the bank to launch new digital customer journeys and banking products, overcoming challenges like siloed systems, disconnected data sources in incompatible systems, and manual processes. The new digital solutions included digital customer onboarding and personal lending.


To realize its growth goals, the bank needed to attract and engage two key demographics of consumer: urban millennials and rural underbanked populations. Both segments could only be reached with digital services, whether by preference or necessity. The bank’s paths to achieving its growth goals were via online and mobile banking, meaning the bank needed a partner with technology that could enable multiple business lines, across multiple channels. At the same time, the bank needed a technology solution that could work with its legacy systems and bring together data from its disparate data sources.


The bank turned to FintechOS to build digital solutions and enact business-wide change. With the FintechOS platform, the bank rolled out an approach that allowed it to expand its digital footprint while retaining legacy systems, resulting in minimal technical disruption.

The first solution to launch on the FintechOS platform was retail customer onboarding. In a four-month timeframe previously disconnected processes were fully digitalized, including online KYC processes and integrated video calls, document generation, and digital signatures. This first solution was followed by the launch of a second solution for unsecured personal lending.

The FintechOS platform brought together data and services from siloed internal and external systems. This made product and customer data available in a single view and allowed the bank to design new, fully digital products that gave customers the personal experience they were looking for. In addition, FintechOS’s composable business capabilities enabled the bank to take a modular approach to rebuilding back-office processes and customer journeys. This meant an easier path to offering new and expanded products to its customers.

FintechOS also digitized processes that previously required customers to come in person to a branch office, removing unnecessary friction and making onboarding faster. The platform accelerated the creation of end-to-end digital customer journeys that enabled a seamless experience across online and in-branch channels.


The bank now provides its customers with a complete online process across multiple channels, attracting urban millennials, while also supporting financial inclusion, serving underbanked populations living in largely rural environments.

With its FintechOS-enabled solutions, the bank has reshaped its customer experience and processes. Results include reducing customer onboarding from days to six minutes, increasing their customer base by 60% in eight months, and lowering operating costs by 80%.

The Future

The bank will further expand the digital offerings built on the FintechOS platform, including online credit card approvals and overdrafts, as well as more complex lending processes, such as secured personal loans and mortgages.

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