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Point-of-Sale Lending: Leading E-Retailer and Global Payments Provider Leverage the FintechOS Platform to Deliver BNPL and Slice in Real-Time

As integral members of a multinational conglomerate, the leading e-retailer in Central and Eastern Europe has a valuation of over €1 billion, providing access to millions of products via its online marketplaces; and the global payment and e-commerce payment solutions provider serves nearly half a million global merchants.


The companies identified a business growth opportunity: the companies could grow revenue by providing multiple financing options at the point of sale. The e-retailer would grow its customer base and achieve a higher sales volume, and the global payment provider would generate higher margins per transaction.

To achieve these results, the companies needed to be able to define, develop, distribute, and service new embedded finance products, including Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) and Slice (with 3, 4, 6, and 12-month payment installment options) – and to overcome several technical challenges:

  • The companies needed to be able to design each financial product and related customer journey for different customer risk profiles. The solution needed to provide a way to assess customer profiles and approve/reject customers at the point of sale in seconds. Any delays would reduce the chance of shopping cart conversion, putting sales and related transaction fees at risk. At the same time, errors in decisioning would create risks for the companies.
  • The embedded finance products would need to be integrated with Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), Credit Bureau, and other data enrichment services to assess risk.
  • To determine which financial products to present automatically to customers at the point-of-sale, the solution needed to be able to define customer scorecards based both on the data enrichment services described above, as well as the e-retailer’s transaction database – leveraging historical data to underwrite the risk model in real-time.
  • The solution needed to support high transaction volumes without fail. On crucial days of the year, such as Black Friday, the solution must support over 1 million loans per minute.
  • Personalization of the payment options was crucial to success. The solution would need to put the right payment options in front of customers for the right purchases at the right time.
  • The companies wanted to be able to define and launch new financial products quickly. The initial solution needed to be live within six months, followed by new financial product and customer journeys being released every few weeks.


The companies selected FintechOS as their platform for embedded finance. With the FintechOS fintech enablement platform, the companies were able to:

  • Go live with an end-to-end embedded finance solution within six months, offering a range of point-of-sale lending products, including BNPL and Slice, and enabling customers to request and receive loan approval in less than 2 minutes.
  • Use the platform’s Product Designer, Digital Journey Builder, and Digital Journey Accelerators to define tailored financial products and customer journeys in weeks. As of this writing, the e-retailer’s customers can access BNPL and Slice in 3-, 4-, 5-, and 12-month installment payments, depending on the customer’s profile and scorecard.
  • Leverage FintechOS’s built-in ecosystem of embedded financial / data enrichment services to enable automated AML, KYC, and credit checks.
  • Integrate the global payment provider’s payment rail infrastructure so credit card transactions occur automatically, determined by the financing product selected and approved for each sale (e.g., BNPL or Slice 3/4/6/12).
  • Use FintechOS’s Data Core to combine data from the data enrichment service and the e-retailer’s transactions database to determine which financial products to present automatically to customers at the point of sale – putting the right financial products in front of the right customers for the right purchases at the right time.
  • Support high transaction volumes without fail, including upwards of 1 million loans per minute.
  • Use the platform’s Real-time Decisioning Engine to automate credit decisions and underwriting.
  • Leverage the FintechOS platform’s Composable Back Office to service loans, including Underwriting Workbench and Loan Management.
  • Ensure security and compliance, including identity and access management, observability, GDPR compliance, vulnerability detection, SecOps, and more.

Additionally, FintechOS enabled the e-retailer and global payments provider to deliver a simple and streamlined customer experience:

  1. At the point of sale, the customer is automatically presented with payment options based on their past transaction history. Customers choose their payment option through a straightforward digital journey based on their past transaction history. Behind the scenes, the FintechOS platform orchestrates AML, KYC, and credit check processes, and credit decisioning and underwriting.
  2. The customer is prompted to accept digitally the credit agreement if the financing is approved.
  3. Once the transaction is completed, FintechOS automatically processes the credit card payments for the customer, using the global payment provider’s payment rail system, according to the customer’s agreement terms.


With the FintechOS platform, the e-retailer and global payments provider have been able to achieve their joint goals:

  • Go live on schedule with an end-to-end solution for embedded finance at the point of sale.
  • Roll out new financial products every few weeks at the pace demanded by the business.
  • Process 1 million loan requests per minute.
  • Issue 1000 loan contracts per minute.
  • Acquire more than 1 million new customers in the first year by offering various financing options at the point of sale.

“We are updating and improving our available payment services in order to offer our customers a better experience. Time is a precious resource, and now, with a smartphone only, our customers can get approved for financing in up to ten minutes through a simple and intuitive flow, in which online funding is reduced to a single field that must be completed.”


Financial Services Manager, E-retailer

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