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End-To-End Digital Process Transformation for Government Benefits

FintechOS enabled a government entity to provide a digital application process for benefits – without swapping out its legacy technology.


A government entity – responsible for managing benefit eligibility and payments – needed to transform a paper-based benefits application process into an accessible, fully digital, automated solution.


Due to the personal circumstances of applicants who were eligible for certain financial support benefits, applicants were often unable to complete the government’s paper-based application process. Yet, efforts to modernize and digitalize this process were hampered by complex legacy infrastructure, as well as by the reality that the front-end of the new system would require frequent change and iteration.


The FintechOS fintech enablement platform was chosen to act as the orchestration layer, connecting the third-party front-end with the existing data and processes within the government’s legacy infrastructure. With its composable capabilities, data at the core architecture, and low-code, no-code studio, the FintechOS platform enabled quick innovation, without the ”rip and replace” of legacy systems. It also met the needs of the government to be able to make changes to the front-end system at any time.


Shortly after launching the new FintechOS-enabled digital applications process, over 70% of new applications were being submitted via mobile. In the first few months, 10s of 1000s of applications were successfully processed.

The Future

Using FintechOS, the government entity can iterate and improve its processes to better support its citizens. Following the success of this project, FintechOS technology can be applied to other financial application processes.

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