TBI Bank – Redefining lending for a new generation

60 days

to full digital





The Challenge

For TBI the operational challenge could be summed up in one word: friction. Customer onboarding was cumbersome, with paper-based data processes for the bank and for prospective clients – a classic source of friction. Credit approval meant gathering data from multiple agencies – more friction.

Product development and marketing programs were slow, unsynchronized, and costly: yet more friction. What the bank needed was flexibility, automation, and online processes – and fast.


With FintechOS as its strategic partner, TBI Bank implemented a market leading digital lending platform capable of delivering customer-centric products and services across the business in just two months.

The solution brought together data from siloed internal systems and external feeds into its Evolutive Data Core, an API-driven aggregation layer, giving the bank access to accurate information on customers and the services they use.

Key achievements

route 15

Minutes time-to-money for new customers (from 3 days).

bar 1M

Over one million online loan applications in 2020 and rising.

lines 10K

Online merchants seamlessly integrated in embedded lending.

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