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tbi bank – Redefining Lending for a New Generation

tbi bank is a Pan-European digital bank owned by the 4Finance Group. tbi bank used to focus on offline and online lending to individuals and SMEs in the CEE region but it has pivoted to become a next-generation digital lender operating across Europe, currently serving customers in Germany, Denmark, and Poland. As a digital challenger tbi bank attracts many digital minded customers and new sign-ups who are currently underserved by their primary bank. tbi bank has more than 1,500 employees and $550 million in assets. It offers retail, corporate, and e-commerce banking services.

With a strong ambition to become a next-generation digital lender, tbi bank needed next-level technology to support its business goals. In just two months FintechOS delivered an end-to-end integrated lending solution, that leverages data and analytics to deliver personalized customer-centric products to multiple customer segments and countries. New loan applications are now fast, frictionless and drive exceptional business growth.

The Ambition

tbi bank’s goal of becoming a leading digital lender in Europe meant that it had to overcome a number of challenges. Firstly, it had to offer customers a fully digital experience that could compete with other challengers in the market. Secondly, the bank had to expand into multiple new countries and manage the complexity of localization of its products. Lastly, the bank needed to succeed in offering embedded finance via e-commerce merchants.

The Challenge

To compete as a digital lender in the region, tbi bank had to overhaul its customer experience as well as many back-office processes. The bank needed to create an easy-to-use loan origination journey that customers would love, and that would offer a short time-to-money.

The bank was aware of bottlenecks and delays in its loan origination journey. There were paper-based processes, disconnected streams of credit score data, labor-intensive unsynchronized marketing programs, and a lack of automation.

With its current infrastructure the bank was not able to create better experiences quickly enough to keep up with customer expectations. The large number of product lines across the countries tbi bank serves added additional complexity.

tbi bank had multiple product lines in different countries. In one country the key business was personal and business lending, while in others growth was in e-commerce, point of sale (POS) loans, and credit cards.

The bank needed a single, integrated solution that could be flexible enough to serve different countries, products, and customer types, and would still be fast to deploy.

The Solution

With FintechOS as its strategic partner, tbi bank implemented a market leading digital lending platform capable of delivering customer-centric products and services across multiple countries in just two months.

The solution gave the bank the ability to act on its previously siloed customer data through the Evolutive Data Core, an API-driven aggregation layer, giving the bank access to accurate information on customers and the services they use through embedded customer 360 data.

The bank was able to accelerate product development with the use of FintechOS’s Automation Blocks that enabled the bank to take a modular approach to restructuring background processes and customer journeys – for several business lines, across online and in-branch channels.

Time-to-money was reduced by creating fully digital loan origination journeys, taking away legacy bottlenecks. Both direct customers and clients from e-commerce channels now benefit from automation in areas such as credit risk profiling and KYC checks, resulting in a frictionless customer experience online, on mobile, and through embedded e-commerce channels.

With FintechOS, tbi bank has a 360-degree view of customer data at all times. This allows the bank to personalize new products and services and design marketing and communication campaigns in parallel tbi bank used this capability to perform rolling credit risk assessments for its customers that can trigger automated, personalized offers for new loans and other products. This automated upsell engine has become a major growth driver for the bank.

Looking Ahead

Following the success of the initial lending platform implementation, tbi bank is now leveraging its partnership with FintechOS to create growth in other product verticals. New customer-centric features will continue to be added to existing lending solutions and new products such as car loans will be introduced. The rollout of improved internet banking – tbi bank’s most important interface with its customers – is already in flight.

“It is not easy to innovate in a traditional banking market. But our desire to offer our clients a different financing solution, 100% online, was sustained by the boldness of our partner FintechOS. And it delivered.”

Kostas Tovil TBI Bank

Kostas Tovil Senior
Vice President e-Commerce, tbi bank

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