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General Insurance

Aggregators and embedded insurance showcase that without a customer-centric approach, general insurance is becoming a commoditized industry.

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Society is changing rapidly and so is the landscape for general insurance. Innovations such as the rise of electric self-driving cars and long-term trends such as climate change call for new forms of coverage and new ways to assess risk. Customer expectations are changing equally rapidly. With the rise of digitization in all aspects of life, customers increasingly buy through digital channels, aggregators, or buy coverage as an embedded product. Insurers are under pressure from new competitors such as car manufacturers who have started to bundle insurance with their products in their own fight for relevance.

To stay relevant insurers must focus on customer centricity. Insurers should provide targeted, relevant products and support tailored services to add more value to customers’ lives. At the same time, insurers are challenged by high operational costs and inefficient processes, limiting their ability to compete against digital-first entrants. If insurers want to become more than a commodity product in the eyes of the customer, a step change in their use of technology and innovation is needed.

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FintechOS for General Insurance

The FintechOS platform is designed and built to be the customer-centric platform for insurance products and services. It lets you build smarter products, provide market-leading customer experiences and deliver personalized interactions. The FintechOS platform empowers insurers to quickly create value through a combination of pre-built functionality and configurable customer journeys, all supported with low-code innovation.

The FintechOS platform will allow you to design and build end-to-end customer journeys across insurance. It has pre-built, configurable journeys for Quote & Bind, Policy Servicing and Claims Management, supported by a depth of functionality and processes including underwriting and billing, to enable you to deliver bespoke, personalised propositions for your customers. Whilst the FintechOS platform has full Policy Administration and Claims Management capabilities, you can accelerate your digital transformation by immediately deploying the platform as a digital-on-top architecture into your existing estate, innovating at speed.

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Benefits for General Insurance

Launch a new product line in record time

Launch an entirely new product line from Agent and Customer interfaces to Policy Administration and Claims Management, getting to market quickly with our pre-built and low-code approach.

Create efficiency on top of legacy

Innovate your products and services with the FintechOS platform while keeping your system of record in place. Take control of your transition without a significant technology investment.

Reduce operating costs

Replace costly business processes with seamless digital customer journeys to save time, effort and money.

Become customer-centric

Organize your services around the policyholder and create a truly personalized experience for each and every one of your customers.

Continuous Innovation

Use the flexibility of the FintechOS platform to learn what works for your customers and empower your teams to apply those lessons quickly.

Customer Journeys – Design for convenience

Customer data is an integral part of the FintechOS platform, enabling data-driven customer journeys and improvements in overall customer experience

General Insurance Solutions

policy admin FintechOS

Policy Administration and Servicing

Innovate and create propositions with the speed to lead the market. The FintechOS platform delivers policy creation, administration, and servicing in one digital layer, connected to the FintechOS ecosystem.

quote and bind motor 2 FintechOS

Quote & Bind Customer Journeys

Create an end-to-end digital quote & bind journey for your customers, agents and partners across all channels. Sell policies in a single digital session with smart features such as biometrics, digital document creation, video calls, and co-browsing.

Beneficiary Experience 2 FintechOS

Claims Automation

Reduce the time it takes to resolve claims and create a better experience from first notification to full resolution. Seamlessly interact with providers and other Third Parties and leverage automation to free your back office from manual tasks.

fintechos health insurance customer engagement FintechOS

Channel Engagement

Streamline your digital interactions with agents and brokers with integrated portals. Use Customer 360 data and digital campaigns to find the right customer, faster.

What our customers are saying

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Howden Group’s divisions collectively operate across multiple business lines and global markets. However, they are inextricably linked by core technology. Bold market propositions were being put forward by each business unit, but this was met with challenges from IT given the constraints of the existing technology that was typically mandated for delivery.

  • Increased automation allowed 120% growth in key product lines
  • Reduction in manual processing provided significant savings
  • Creation of a rapid deployment runway

Using FintechOS has already helped us improve the efficiency of a number of high importance operations by more than 50%. The system not only allows us to offer a great customer experience, but we’re doing it faster, and we’re doing it without errors.

– Raj Sakaria, Director of Enterprise Architecture, Howden Group

Real ROI for every team


The FintechOS platform gives you the ability to innovate continuously. You can bring new forms of coverage to market more quickly than ever. You can proactively respond to market conditions without being held back by legacy systems that can’t keep up with the pace of product innovation.

  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Personalise products
  • Create customer journeys


Provide faster and more convenient ways for Agents and Brokers to interact with your company through digital channels. Enable automated decisioning to rapidly onboard new customers.

Launch new digital journeys direct to customers and through bespoke branded website or portals with partners.

  • Multiple data enrichments
  • Rapid deployment across different channels
  • Rating and pricing at customer/benefit level


Create intuitive customer digital journeys to avoid unnecessary calls into contact centre teams. Eliminate paper-based processes with advanced workflow management and case management, significantly improving efficiency across Operations teams. Guided processes allow for shorter training programs for onboarding new colleagues.

  • Improve customer satisfaction metrics (NPS, CSAT)
  • Increase efficiency and processing rates
  • Accelerate training times and reduce colleague attrition


Enhanced digital functionality enables you to improve the customer experience and engagement, and ultimately reduce time to settlement. Supplier allocation and management can be optimized through advanced workflows and integrations.

  • Digital FNOL and claims assessment
  • Automate supplier management tasks
  • Advanced workflow management and integrations with 3rd parties


The FintechOS platform enables you to think beyond managing your legacy infrastructure and build a bridge to the latest technologies. Support your business with true innovation and focus on building new technology instead of maintaining out of date systems.

  • Integrated data from existing infrastructure
  • Benefit from ecosystem functionality
  • Build customer journeys faster with modular Automation Blocks


Integrate data from new sources to support smarter underwriting capabilities. Experiment with AI, telematics and real-time underwriting, enabling the development of innovative products.

Navigate future challenges using automation and a sophisticated rule engine.

  • Easily integrate new data sources
  • Tap into new insights enabling wider variety of risk coverage
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