Digital mortgage automation

Digital mortgage automation is the future of the mortgage industry. Your customers need tailored, hyper-personalized journeys that are free from friction. To do that, you need the right mortgage automation software.

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UK mortgage transactions in 2021

Links Icon black 80%

of UK mortgages go through brokers

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UK adults opened an online-only bank account in 2022

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Why FintechOS?

Define perfect-fit mortgage products for different customer segments.
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Best-of-breed customer experience
Start from pre-built templates and create personalized customer journeys across digital channels for maximum engagement and retention.
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Flexible risk management
Create powerful scoring engines that leverage data from your systems and integrate with any third-party source.
Everything you need
Affordability calculators, digital application, credit decisioning, and servicing.

“To remain relevant is to follow closely the journey taken by a customer in relation to the bank and to make this customer journey coherent and relevant. When a client evaluates a financial institution, they no longer compare the banks with each other, but the experiences offered by them. Therefore, the experience we offer to the client is essential.”

Madalina Teodorescu, FirstBank

Mădălina Teodorescu
Vice President, First Bank

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Attract the right customers

Create highly personalized, best-in-class, digital mortgage onboarding, compliance and data analytics software that decreases approval time from weeks to days

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Increase customer retention

Create digital journeys that avoid churn by making it easy for existing customers to refinance their current loan.

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Increase share of wallet

Upsell customers new loan products, insurance, and more, by embedding offers into the digital channels when and where they’re needed.

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Mortgage solutions eligibility
mortgage simulation identity
Paperless documentation
Property valuation
Guided experience screen
Tailored offers screen

Start from pre-built digital journeys

Determine affordability options
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Configurable credit eligibility checks
Integrate your preferred KYC ID provider
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Paperless Documentation
Manage all documents digitally
Property Valuation
Integrate with third party valuation services
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Guided Experience
Support customers with built-in video, live-chat and co-browsing
Tailored Offers
Promote other products during the journey

Become an innovator in personalized digital homebuying

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