We’ll help you redesign insurance around your customers. Tap into the power of hyper-personalisation and intelligent automation to create data-driven products as unique as they are.

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Grow Your Business.

Launch Products Faster

  • Respond to market needs before the competition.
  • Test product viability at lower cost and boost ROI.
  • Get to market 10x quicker.

Go from Product to Customer-Centric

  • Use a 360 view to optimise everything for the customer.
  • Lead in omni-channel digital insurance.
  • Create experiences customers will love.

Cut Operating Costs

  • Run end-to-end digital products.
  • Automate & streamline processes.
  • Remove inefficiencies and cut costs.

Open Up Innovation

  • Anyone can innovate on our open-source platform.
  • Bring teams together to test and build. No developers needed.
  • Reduce developer costs by 75%.

Do Digital Better.

Open-Source Insurtech Apps.

  • Innovative Tech-as-a-Service platform. Open source on top.
  • Insurtech apps ready to download. All included.
  • Run straight away or edit to own spec. Low to No Code.

Future-Proof Architecture

  • No layers. Just a digital core with data at its centre.
  • Built to support continuous integrations.
  • Primed for devops and cloud deployments.

Super Flexible

  • Available on premise, private and public cloud.
  • Test cloud viability with hybrid.
  • Tap into advanced features like analytics and machine learning.

Guaranteed Secure & Compliant

  • Run on Microsoft Azure.
  • Strong authentication mechanisms.
  • Support for data ownership, auditing & anonymization and GDRP compliance

Digital Engagement

Reinvent Insurance for the Digital Age.

Lead the way in omnichannel insurance with customer-centric digital products. For every customer. Across every line.

Tap into the power of our hyper-personalisation and intelligent automation tools to provide the cover your customer needs and an experience they’ll remember.

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Easy Enrollment in 5 minutes.

Fast, frictionless and with as little manual input as possible. These are the hallmarks of customer-centric digital enrollment. Whatever the line of business. No matter the channel. Easily done with FintechOS.

100% Digital: offer a tailored digital journey based on defined Customer Personas and Hyper-Personalised Products, made possible by data-driven Customer 360 profiling. Say goodbye to paperwork with embedded digital tech like OCR, eSignatures and payment processors. Run an end-to-end digital process, from quote to bind and beyond, on any channel.

Automated for Speed: automate to cut processing time, reduce costs and provide a frictionless experience for the customer. Digital Workflows and API Integrations streamline the process while OCR speeds up data input. When the customer selects a package, our Quote & Bind App generates a policy doc, routes them to payment and fulfills instantly once the money’s been received. Uninsured to covered in as little as 2 minutes.

Seamless Self-Service: guide your customers through a simple, intuitive and memorable enrollment process on whatever device they like. Start with a Hyper-Personalised product to fit their dynamic customer 360 profile. Make taking out insurance a breeze with an interactive chatbots. Give them an instant premium calculation and remove barriers to purchase with Automated Decisions and paperless contracts and eSignatures.

Empowered Brokers: our Digital Brokers Toolkit helps brokers build trust with their customers by enabling seamless, Hyper-Personalised, omni-channel experiences. An integrated portal allows them to automate admin and focus on the customer relationship, providing consistent data on their portfolio and the ability to run campaigns, manage leads and deliver digital advisory through tailored interactions.

Next-Gen P&C.

Most consumers see P&C insurance products as a commodity, but with new tech comes the opportunity for insurers to differentiate. Give your customers personalised offers and seamless experiences to set your business apart. Do it while lowering costs. It’s all possible with our platform.

Hyper-Personalised P&C: kick-start the shift from product to customer across P&C lines. With our Evolutive Data Layer, you can build coverage around data-driven, dynamic profiles and tailor pricing to match changes in risk exposure. Home, motor, small commercial or renters – whatever’s insured you can create Hyper-Personalised customer experiences on any channel. And our Personalised Content Delivery and Journey tools will make sure every interaction with your customer is relevant and meaningful.   

Less Friction, Lower Costs: automate workflows to give customers the simple, speedy and intuitive journeys they expect. Cut down on manual data input with data integrations and OCR, and streamline applications with Digital Workflows. Make customer servicing easier with chatbots and speed up underwriting and pricing with our Business Automation Engine. Tackle high costs while providing frictionless customer experiences.

Real-Time Risk Prevention: make the leap from post-event protection to claim prevention. Because the best kind of claim is one that doesn’t happen. Our Evolutive Data Layer been built to integrate multiple data streams and is powered by advanced analytics. You can use it to run real-time risk monitoring and enable preemptive outreach. Alert your customer to increased risk and nudge them to change their behaviour using our Hyper-Personalisation tools. And do it on any channel.  

Create Next-Gen Products: from on-demand coverage to usage-based insurance, carriers are responding to changing customer needs and lifestyles by rolling out new offerings. Equip your teams with the tools to create and run innovative, end-to-end digital insurance products powered by evolutive data and intelligent automation. Our Digital Product Factory will unleash their ideas by providing an intuitive FintechOS Innovation Studio to build from scratch, or they can simply visit the Fintech App Store for a ready-made product that’s good to go. All designed for non-technical users, so no developers needed. That means you can hit the market faster and at lower cost.

Future-Fit Health.

Health insurers have a big task ahead of them: to move away from being simple payers of claims and reinvent themselves as health partners, working alongside their customers for better outcomes. To succeed, they’ll need to offer Hyper-Personalised Customer Engagement enabled by intelligent automation, and the ability to launch end-to-end digital products and services easily and at speed.

Get Closer to the Customer: build stronger customer relationships. With our Hyper-Personalisation tools and seamless omnichannel delivery, you can crack customer engagement and become a trusted health partner. Guide your customers through Hyper-Personalised care and claims journeys, made stress-free by frictionless Digital Workflows. Support lifestyle improvements with Personalised Content and tailored interactions aimed at influencing behaviour. Empower your customers to better manage their health.

Cut Costs & Improve CX: tackle the high admin costs and inefficient operations that hold you back from better serving your customers. Our Intelligent Automation Systems can automate workflows and speed up the development of end-to-end digital products. Streamline quote & bind using OCR, embedded digital capabilities like eSignatures, and API-based integrations. That means no-touch data collection and processing. Lower costs and a frictionless customer experience. All thanks to the power of intelligent automation.

Build, Test & Launch at Speed: give your non-technical teams the power to create, test and run customer-centric digital products. No coding required. Just a simple and intuitive FintechOS Innovation Studio toolkit to guide your teams through the product development process. Shake off your ‘tech debt’ with our Digital Product Factory and bring next-gen health insurance offerings to market quicker and cheaper.

Life Revived.

Life insurers are on a growth mission. Low engagement, high operating costs and product-centric design are the challenges they’ll need to overcome to win in the digital future. And that’s exactly what we can help them do.

Always-On Engagement: customer relationships in life insurance have always been low touch. But as insurers try to become more customer-centric, regular and meaningful engagement is now a priority. Real-time and automated interactions will stop customers from abandoning enrollment processes. And with our Customer 360 tools tailored and relevant interactions are possible. A data-driven, dynamic profile means that life events can trigger Personalised Offers on a customer’s preferred touchpoint. And our omnichannel delivery means customers can switch between channels seamlessly, from robo-advisory powered by chatbots to live video chat with in-house teams.

Streamlined Processes: improve customer experience by getting things done quickly and simply. Self-service or assisted, make applying a fast and user-friendly process. Use OCR, Facial Recognition and Digital Workflows to cut down on manual data input, run customer verification and reduce friction.  Take the pain out of the underwriting stage: our Business Automation tools, Risk Engine and data integration capabilities combine to deliver a decision at speed. With an instant premium calculation and Digital Doc Management, the customer can be covered in no time at all. Streamline processes right across the business, from onboarding to claims and policy admin, lowering costs and boosting customer satisfaction.

The Personal Touch: one-size-fits-all just won’t cut it. Hyper-Personalisation is now essential for future growth. With our tools, you can serve each customer like they’re your only one. Tailor risk coverage and pricing with our Personalised Offering capabilities to reflect their life stage, risk appetite and behaviour. Connect with them on their preferred touchpoint using Personalised Journey tools. Deepen trust through bespoke interactions and tailored campaigns, all made possible by Personalised Content Delivery. With dynamic profiles and Hyper-Personalisation tools at hand, you can mirror your customer’s life changes and always provide the personal touch.

New Products for New Customers: life insurers need to respond to emerging demands in the market and solve customer pain points fast. With FintechOS, your teams can create the next generation of life insurance products quickly and affordably. Our Digital Product Factory draws on our flexible and modular architecture and is powered by embedded digital tech. It’s easy to use, so you can encourage cross-functional and non-technical teams to innovate together. Everything is easily configured, from underwriting rules to user-friendly front-ends. All so you can get new products to market quicker and cheaper.

Corporate’s Digital Takeover.

Corporate insurance is ripe for digital change. And with new tech comes access to better data and the ability to improve risk management and pricing. Whether it’s cyber or marine, tailored products enabled by evolutive data and intelligent automation offer value for insurers and their corporate customers.

Coverage Tailored to Needs: target customers based on needs rather than company size. Our Hyper-Personalisation tools, built around dynamic, data-driven profiles, will help you accurately insure your customers’ evolving risks. Because pre-determined, inflexible products don’t suit the way companies operate today. With Hyper-Personalised Offerings that factor in business complexity you can meet their demands and shift to a more customer-centric, digitally enabled business model.

Advances in Automation: corporate insurance is complex. That’s why carriers rely heavily on human judgment. Use our Business Automation Engine to support your underwriters. Give them their very own co-bots to handle the manual, repetitive tasks. With evolutive data and advanced analytics to hand, your teams can get on with selecting and pricing more complicated risks. Streamline processes for simpler claims with our Digital Workflows and Automated Decision Engine. Cut costs and tackle inefficiencies across the business.

Data-Driven Loss Prevention: proactively manage risk and prevent claims. Our evolutive data layer is designed to integrate data streams and run advanced analytics on multiple flows in real-time. It’s the perfect foundation for risk monitoring and prevention services, as well as dynamic cover and pricing.  Connect your customers and their brokers around an integrated platform powered by automation and fuelled by rich streams of IoT and third party data.

Digital HQ.

Set the Pace of Digital Change.

Empower your teams to go digital. Give them access to data-driven customer insights and the tools to create hyper-personalised products and experiences.

Build the next generation of insurance products with our Digital Product Factory. Designed for the non-technical. No code needed.

Everything on top of our Technology as a Service platform is open source. Just visit the Fintech App Store, pick a ready-made app and configure it with our intuitive FintechOS Studio. And then you’re ready to hit the market.

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Customer 360

The Customer 360 Engine makes Hyper-Personalisation possible.  It’s driven by data and powered by intelligent automation. It’s the one-stop suite of apps with everything you need to win and keep customers.

A Single 360 View: tap into the power of our Evolutive Data Layer with the Single Customer View App. We use Advanced Analytics and multiple data types aggregated around the customer profile so you can get deep insight into the needs, preferences and behaviours that will shape your CRM and CX strategies.

Laser-Focused Campaigns: with our Customer Persona Mapping and Digital Audience Management tools, you can segment across your data and create new customer personas and audiences. Target segments as part of campaigns or trigger individual actions based on single interactions. It’s easily done with our Omnichannel Campaign Engine.

Bespoke Customer Comms: the best customer interactions are tailored and meaningful. Our Personalised Content capabilities will help you deliver them. The Content Management App gives you the ability to match your comms output to customer preferences. It has everything you need, from templates to styles. And it all adapts across channels. For tailored comms made simple.

No More Lost Leads: never lose a lead between processes, people or silos again. With our data integration capabilities, you can connect multiple channels and data sources to collect all of your leads in one place. Our Lead Management App, powered by Digital Workflows, will act like your very own robo-dispatcher, routing the right lead to the right team member at the right time.

Superior Service: give your teams cutting-edge Digital Case Management tools so they can wow your customers with proactive and personalised services across multiple channels. Connect customers with problem-solvers quicker thanks to automated rules-based routing and keep them updated with automated notifications. Your teams can even tap into Single Customer View data for ready insights on sentiment and past behaviours to help them deliver the best service possible.

Digital Product Factory

Introducing a first for the banking industry – a self-service product creator for non-technical teams. The Digital Product Factory is DIY innovation made easy.

Unleash Your Teams’ Ideas:  empower your non-technical teams with the tools to create and run the next wave of digital insurance products. They can build completely new apps and services with our FintechOS Innovation Studio. Or they can edit the products available off-the-shelf from our Fintech App Store. They can configure data models in the Business Entities area, specify underwriting rules and define process flows using the Digital Workflows Manager. Our Innovation Core makes it all possible.

Build Hyper-Personalised Insurance: use data-driven insights to give your customers coverage and pricing tailored to their individual needs. Craft customer-centric experiences with our Digital User Journey Configurator and tap into the power of our our Hyper-Personalisation capabilities.

Slash Development Costs by 75%: build and roll out products instantly across all channels, all without a single line of code. No developers needed. The FintechOS Innovation Studio is made up of easy-to-use editors and configuration engines. Perfect for non-technical users. When developers are a must, our Complex Automation Tools can help them cut down on their workload. Any way you look at it, you lower development costs.

Hit the Market Quicker: launch products up to 10 times quicker.  With our Evolutive Data Layer, Business Automation Engine and Hyper-Personalisaton Capabilities, you can slash time-to-market. Respond to emerging needs first and stay ahead of the competition.

Data-driven Underwriting.

Data-led innovation will put underwriting back at the heart of insurance. With FintechOS, your underwriters can master internal and external data and channel insights into creating hyper-personalised products and experiences. 

Tailor Products & Pricing: customers increasingly expect tailored products, pricing and services across all lines of insurance. Our Evolutive Data Layer has the data integration and advanced analytics capabilities to make it all possible. Accurately assess risk and make better selections using our Risk Engine. Improve customer experience with our Hyper-Personalisation tools and tailor offers based on actual behaviour. Roll out dynamic pricing models based on continuous data analysis and respond to shifts in risks in real time.  

Automate Underwriting: free up your underwriters to focus on complex tasks. Define rules and criteria with our Digital Product tools. Automate underwriting decisions using our Business Rules Engine and calculate premiums in the Risk Engine. Reduce manual input from underwriters by automating screening for risk factors and routing flagged cases for review. Achieve no-touch underwriting and straight-through processing for less complex risks by exploiting underwriting rules automation, real-time risk insights and predictive pricing.

Tap the Data Goldmine: digital innovations like real-time quoting and issuing can only be delivered using a modern data architecture and integrated data streams. Our Evolutive Data Model will enable your underwriters to tap the data goldmine, with real-time data made readily available for risk analysis. And thanks to our sophisticated data integrations, internal and external data can be channeled through our apps and toolsets with ease.

Unleash A.I. : with lots of seamlessly integrated data from multiple sources, you’ll have the right foundation to drive AI-enabled innovation across your underwriting function. AI-assisted underwriting means your teams will be empowered to recognize and respond to emerging trends, identify opportunities in real time, price risk more accurately and make better decisions.

Customer-Centric Claims

It’s the ‘moment of truth’. Your customers want a personal touch, clear communication about a claim’s status and a quick decision. Exceed their expectations with our claims solution.  

End-to-End Digital: digitize every step of the claims journey, from FNOL through to settlement, all accessed through your customer’s touchpoint of choice. With Video Identification, Chatbots, and our Business Automation Engine, you can provide a customer-centric claims experience that is fast and hassle-free.

Responsive Engagement: Boost customer satisfaction with continuous communications. Prevent claims by using advanced analytics and behavioral data to proactively notify your customers about emerging risks. Streamline self-service FNOL and updates on status with Chatbots. Integrate touchpoints across the claims journey and make it easier for customers to connect with handlers, agents and brokers when needed.

Streamlined Processes: cut out inefficiencies and improve the customer experience. Offer a seamless self-service FNOL enabled by OCR, Digital Workflows and API-based Integrations Our Business Rules Engine makes real-time straight-through processing possible with near-instant settlement for low-risk claims. Digital Workflows will route more complex cases to handlers based on your predefined rules.

Data-Driven Claims: Improve financial performance and customer satisfaction with a data-driven and analytics-enabled claims experience. Tap into multiple data sources to create a fuller picture of each claim. Integrate internal data with external streams such as weather, credit and social media data and run advanced analytics in real-time. Trigger FNOL entries instantly with telematics data captured during accidents and flag potentially fraudulent cases with machine learning. Exploit all possible data sources to deliver a fast and hyper-personalised claims experience at a lower cost.

Digital Core

Our data-driven and AI-enabled digital core is the real power behind our platform. Think of it as an innovation engine for next-gen insurance.

Built without layers. Everything embedded. All the capabilities you need for endless digital innovation in one system.

Its design means we can collect data to automate operations and create hyper-personalised customer experiences. Fast.

And because we believe in the power of our Technology as a Service platform to transform the way you do digital insurance, we’ve made everything on top of it open source. That’s everything built on top of FintechOS for free. All in.

A Transformative Core

It’s been designed for flexibility, security and data-driven innovation. Our digital core will help you transform your business.

No Layers

Tiered architecture has had its day, so we decided to do things differently. Our digital core is a resilient and secure environment with data at its centre. And it’s fully geared for continuous change and deployment.


Data at the Core

Data is the lifeblood of digital insurance. That’s why we put it at the core. Our Evolutive, Open Model integrates seamlessly with both internal and external sources. It’s the perfect foundation to support the kind of Advanced Analytics needed to improve customer engagement and succeed in the data-driven insurance industry of the future.

Embedded Innovation

All the tech you need to innovate in one system. Evolutive Data Models, Intelligent Process Automation and Embedded AI & Digital Capabilities combine to make up the FintechOS Digital Core. It’s a powerful framework that enables the creation of modern omnichannel apps – highly automated and AI-enabled, open yet secure.


Fast, Flexible and Secure

Whether you want us to run a single process or an end-to-end digital service, we can do it fast and around your existing tech. Our modular architecture gives us that flexibility. And because our core runs on Microsoft Azure, it’s all done without compromising one bit on security.