Introducing FintechOS Lighthouse

The digital banking transformation platform

FintechOS Lighthouse is our revolutionary retail and commercial banking platform. Our banking software empowers banks to become customer-centric by creating hyper-personalized experiences, building and bringing these innovative products to market fast, and cutting costs with end-to-end digital automation.

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Global banks already powered by Lighthouse

FintechOS Lighthouse is tailored to our clients

Lighthouse offers a complete digital end-to-end solution to replace legacy systems with an innovative, future-proof digital banking platform, or just a few modular tools and features to fill gaps in an existing stack.

Whatever solution a bank needs, the Lighthouse banking software is flexible enough to support them. Over time, Lighthouse can grow along with a core banking transformation, gradually replacing outdated technology with the latest innovations and keeping up with future banking technology trends.

What makes Lighthouse different?

Hyper-personalizable core blocks

Unique, digital financial services that speak customers’ language and drive sales

Self-service no-code/low-code

Empower digital makers to innovate without relying on technical teams

Cloud-native architecture

Our cloud-based core architecture supports ecosystem innovation for established and neobanks, and retail and consumer brands

Inside FintechOS Lighthouse

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Existing Omnichannel & Mobile App

Banking as a service

Existing Middleware Infrastructure

Customer Journey Accelerators

Ecosystem Hub

Innovation Catalog

High Productivity Fintech Infrastructure (HPFI)


Lean Core

Existing Core Banking Systems

Banking as a service

The future is digital and the future is connected. Don’t isolate your service from potential customers by keeping it on our premises.

Seamlessly offer innovative lending and banking products through third-party suppliers and retail vendors to reach market segments you have only dreamed of engaging with your products.

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Customer Journey Accelerators

Don’t wait to develop and launch innovative products yourself. Our ready-made Customer Journey Accelerators act as templates for new products that you can launch immediately.

Simply customize an Accelerator with your own branding and you can be ready to launch to market in days.

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Ecosystem Hub

The real value of BAAS is the partnerships you can build with third-party vendors, reaching new customers in a new space. Enable these partnerships with ready-made Connectors that can link your products to a range of powerful external services.

Even better, you can create your own seamless Connectors with our no-code-low-code interface in our Ecosystem Hub.

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Innovation Catalog

All our Accelerators and Connectors are available for download from the Marketplace in our Innovation Catalog. Whatever you need, you can either build or add to our platform.

In the future, we plan to allow our FintechOS Community members to upload and share their innovations so we can build the future of banking together.

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High-Productivity Fintech Infrastructure

Value at speed is the definition of productivity, and our high-productivity financial tech is the engine that will drive a revolution in financial services by powering:
• a full-stack solution for end-to-end innovation across the entire customer journey
• data-driven architecture that enables all your siloed customer touchpoints across legacy systems to merge together into actionable customer profiles
• a no-code/low-code, self-service interface to empower digital makers to innovate and evolve product offerings

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Lean Core

Empower your organization with an agile, adaptable foundation from which to build the infrastructure you need to win hearts and minds.

Whatever the future holds, you can organically move and grow your infrastructure to support innovation, growth, and success.

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Our solutions

Embedded finance and banking-as-a-service technology

Consumers now expect banking products to come to them, fading into the background as ambient services offered under partnership with vendors.

To enter this space, banks need a full digital offering embedded into third-party systems.

Lighthouse is the path from legacy systems, through the digital market, and into third-party point-of-sale customer journeys, accessing the embedded finance space without heavy investment.

Personal finance software

Financial services institutions can no longer wait for consumers to seek them out. Effective financial products are now purchased at point-of-sale and through BNPL options.

In this environment, it isn’t brand recognition that wins customers over, it’s technology. Our innovative Lighthouse platform empowers banks to build effective, efficient customer journeys that win over modern consumers.

Lighthouse’s low-code Innovation Studio allows financial services innovators to build BNPL and personal finance offerings fast, and partner with third-party systems through ready-made Connectors.

Mortgage lending platform

A home is more than just a house, and consumers expect a personal touch from the digital mortgage industry. To win over hearts and minds, lenders must put their customers first and offer a hyper-personalized experience with mortgage automation software.

Lighthouse enables lenders to merge and analyze data from all the touch-points across the entire customer journey. This can then be used to create insightful personas enabling hyper-personalization across every contact with the customer.

Employing the power of evolutive data, lenders can offer more than just a mortgage; they can become a trusted partner in the foundation of customer homes, building trust and brand loyalty

SME financing platform

SME lending is a lucrative, but underserved market. SMEs aren’t yet at the scale that requires commercial lending products, but need more specialized services than retail banking can provide.

SMEs are looking for smarter market segmentation, better risk assessment, and hyper-personalized banking services across their portfolio, all from a bank that understands their market.

Lighthouse enables SME banks to create hyper-personalized products tailored to SME needs, utilizing the latest fintech solutions to add value over traditional models.

What our clients have to say about us

  • Reshaped the way customers interact with SocGen by enabling and powering a fully digital end-to-end journey that cut onboarding time by up to 80%
  • Developed and delivered a customized, end-to-end personal loan origination solution that included multiple journeys, API integrations, and calculation logic within a few months
  • Dramatically increased customer acquisition and engagement via digital channels with a completely seamless digital user experience, while lowering the customer acquisition costs by 30%

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  • Revamped customer experience by enabling a 100% digital lending platform for SME and retail customers while maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • Delivered a completely digital end-to-end omni-channel lending solution in weeks.
  • Boosted operational efficiency with paperless processes, shrinking new clients’ time-to-money from 3 days to just under 15 minutes.

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