Introducing FintechOS Lighthouse, our customer-centric platform for banks

No more siloed data, disparate systems and frustrating limitations. Unify all your data and existing systems and become truly customer-centric.

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Banking on tomorrow

Banking is no longer in an innovation vacuum. Challenger and Neobanks are growing fast, providing a new class of customer centric products. Brand value is still important, but its absolute hold over customers is fast fading. Today’s customers are looking for financial services that fit their lifestyle. Flexibility, ease of use and personalized offerings are becoming the gold standard.

Click on the blocks in the diagram below and discover what Lighthouse can do for you.

Lighthouse, our customer-centric platform for banking, brings smarter products, personalized experiences, and reduces cost with end-to-end digitization. Create value quickly through a combination of pre-built functionality and low-code, with the option to keep legacy systems in place. Lighthouse brings customer-centricity to financial services with customer data at every interaction.

Third Parties

Engagement Channels


Call Center



API Gateway


FintechOS Ecosystem Hub

Customer Journeys

Automation Blocks

SME Banking


FintechOS Innovation Studio

Shorten your time-to-market with Lighthouse’s modular approach

Lighthouse is designed to build end-to-end customer journeys that are fit for the future. Our customer journeys are built with Automation Blocks, which are pre-built modules that you pick and choose, allowing you to put together the journey that best suits your customer in a fast and reliable way.

FintechOS Automation Blocks provide standard functionalities out-of-the-box, so that the majority of your customer journeys are built on productised, pre-vetted and reliable code, maintained by FintechOS.

Lighthouse offers self-service to business users with our Innovation Studio. Its low-code paradigm greatly reduces the time needed to make unique offerings or to design your own products altogether.

What makes Lighthouse different

The benefits of choosing a customer-centric data-driven platform that encourages continuous innovation

Put your customer first

The availability of customer data at every interaction will allow you to organize around the client and create a truly personalized experience for all your customers, not just some.

Ecosystem Advantage

Use data and services from an ecosystem of third-parties to enhance your own product offerings and to offer the latest innovations to your customers sooner.

Shorten time-to-market

Build end-to-end digital customer journeys with our modular Automation Blocks to shorten your time to market while still benefiting from stable and proven FintechOS quality.

Reduce burden on IT

Give control back to your business teams and reduce your reliance on IT with our low-code Innovation Studio. Self-service will speed up innovation and allow you to tailor existing customer experiences or design new ones.

Take a transformation shortcut

With the Evolutive Data Core you continuously expand the business information you capture and act upon. Big overhauls are no longer needed and you can move away from your legacy systems at your own pace.

Continuous innovation

With both traditional banking data and customer data in one place, analytics can finally deliver on their promise. The flexibility of Lighthouse allows you to apply those insights through self-service immediately.

Customer Journeys - Design for convenience

Use FintechOS’ Lighthouse product to craft customer journeys that meet your client needs, and provides an experience that surpasses their expectations.


Customer Journeys span all layers of the platform, from the Evolutive Data Core to the Digital Engagement Layers


Customer Journeys are orchestrated and customized with the Innovation Studio.


Customer Journeys can be exposed in third-party engagement layers too and can use ecosystem data and services


Launch new ventures with FintechOS Lean Core

FintechOS Lean Core offers banks and financial services the opportunity to bring products and services to market faster. The Lean Core allows companies to operate a full-stack for just the products and services they want to start with, without running into scaling problems later on.

6-8 weeks tactical roll-outs on top of existing core systems
Extensive digital layer providing personalized products and consumer experiences on top of existing core systems
End-to-end digital insurance products orchestrated through a customer-centric, cloud-based platform

Who is Lighthouse for?

Retail Banking

Build customer-centric banking solutions that users love. Our platform gives you the power to respond to the needs of your customers with data-driven, modular and personalized solutions. Easily, affordably delivered at speed. Market to a segment of one.

SME Banking

Offer your SME customers bespoke business banking tailored to their needs. With our personalization and automation tools, you can help them on their growth journey and make the leap from bank to business partner.

Building Societies

Build faster, more convenient, and more personal customer journeys for your members. Digitize onboarding and origination processes end-to-end to increase customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.

Real ROI for every team

Business Users

Lighthouse enables you to design personalized products and customer journeys that radically reduce time-to-market. Update your existing offerings and design your own with our Innovation Studio, reducing your reliance on your IT department.

  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Personalise products
  • Create customer journeys


Reduce the risk of unsupported customized legacy infrastructure by gradually decreasing the reliance on these systems. Move critical functionality into Lighthouse and reduce core systems to product servicing dumb ledgers over time. With fewer worries about legacy infrastructure and less time spend on maintaining legacy systems IT can finally play an active role in moving the business forward.

  • Create a transition path for legacy infrastructure
  • Become a pro-active partner to the business
  • Spend less time on maintenance


Be part of the conversation from day 1. When a new financial product of service is launched, the marketing strategy should be built into the product itself. With Lighthouse this has become a reality. Products and services can be targeted to custom personas you can define yourself. Products can be promoted with omnichannel campaigns thanks to the personalization features of the Evolutive Data Core.

  • Design the marketing strategy with the product
  • Build personas and audiences to use across the platform
  • Personalize offerings based on personas and behavior


Compliance provides the checks and balances needed to meet safety, regulatory, and ethical standards. Yet with increasing regulatory pressure it becomes harder and harder to be compliant without slowing down the business. End-to-end digitization helps to take away bottlenecks and speed up processes. Advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning help to discriminate between benign and fraudulent cases.

  • Benefit from the audit capabilities of fully digital customer journeys
  • Integrate with AML and KYC solutions from the ecosystem
  • Use advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to identify fraud


Yesterday’s operational models cannot support today’s sales channels. The backoffice with its analogue processes and many handovers isn’t built to compete on convenience and speed. Lighthouse helps banks to digitize their workflows end-to-end with advanced workflows, digital KYC, case management, digital documents, and e-signatures. This reduces customer journeys to a single digital session, improving customer outcomes and relieving pressure on staff in the process.

  • Create a fully paperless back office
  • Use process automation to fully digitize onboarding and origination
  • Manage complex cases faster with digital case management

Our platform supports more than 40 clients all over the globe.

We enable banks of all sizes to fully digitize their banking stack to offer innovative digital financial products with unparalleled user experiences.


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