Highly automated technology opens the door for financial services to be consumerised.


FintechOS is a
Technology as a Service.

Our tech makes fast, plug and play digital transformation for financial services possible.

With FintechOS, banks and insurers can launch data-driven, hyper-personalised digital products and services across any digital touchpoint at speed – in weeks rather than months or years.

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Our philosophy.

We bring ready-made financial innovation together with disruptive technology trends and back them up with a powerful, actionable, evolutive data core. Our philosophy states that this is the only way for financial companies to roll-out true, comprehensive, accelerated digital innovation.

We challenge the traditional paradigm.

Traditional IT has had its day. We do things differently.

FintechOS can deliver rollouts x10 faster and make operating models x5 more cost-effective than traditional IT approaches.

FS players are being held back by siloed systems and data. But with FintechOS, they can run customer-centric products and services that integrate seamlessly with their legacy tech.

Data can be pulled from siloes and enriched in the cloud, creating an evolutive model that provides deep customer insight. And out-of-the-box capabilities make intelligent cloud services like identity verification, risk modelling and document generation easy to deploy.

Everything is available open source and accessible through our FinTechAppStore. That includes ready-made MVPs. Onboarding journeys, loan applications, insurance quotations, FNOL… All fully functional and ready to go.

FintechOS technology empowers traditional banks and insurance companies to adapt to rapidly changing customer expectations, and match the speed and flexibility of Fintechs, their new, nimble, and technology-driven competitors.


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Fintech Innovation Studio.

Anyone can innovate with FintechOS Innovation Studio

We’re on a mission to make innovation more inclusive.

That’s why we built the FintechOS Innovation Studio – to open up access to tech through a no-code framework.

The Innovation Studio is where your non-technical teams can create and launch hyper-personalised products and journeys. All driven by data and powered by automation.

An easy-to-use visual builder makes the whole process super simple.

Without writing a single line of code, users can:

Build and Extend Data Models
Build Data Pipes to More Than 150 External Data Sources
Build Digital Customer Journeys
Create Digital Customer Personas
Create Business Rules, Decision Matrices and Scoring Engines

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Innovation enablers.


  • FintechOS is a Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) platform. It can run across public clouds like Azure or AWS, on-premise/private clouds or in hybrid environments.
  • Its TaaS design allows FS organizations to quickly build and deploy new digital customer engagements on top of their existing systems.
  • It does this while providing a path to transition back office admin and legacy core systems to FintechOS.

Mobile first

  • With the FintechOS Innovation Studio, non-technical teams have the ability to design responsive digital journeys with intuitive easy-to-use interfaces for mobile.
  • Mobile journeys can tap into all native device features, such as video, scanning documents and location services, to create interactive experiences.
  • FS organizations with pre-built native mobile apps can use the FintechOS Open API, which provides a RESTful web service for data access and digital journey workflows.
  • FintechOS also has the capability to integrate IoT devices and create Chatbot-based engagement journeys.

Data at the core

  • FintechOS runs on an evolutive data model. It extracts data from legacy systems, processes and repositories, moves it to the cloud and enriches it by combining and connecting it with contextual and external sources.
  • The evolutive data model sits at the core of all banking and insurance products, adapting and evolving as they are operated. It makes hyper-personalised offerings and data-driven business models possible.
  • With unlimited scalability and no-code extensibility, the evolutive data model is open through API and designed for easy integration by data pipes.

Advanced analytics

  • With FintechOS, you have the ability to run powerful interactive analytics across customer and FS product data sets.
  • Advanced analytics capabilities harness the power of the evolutive data model to combine data from disparate silos.

Artificial Intelligence

  • FintechOS harnesses the power of AI with embedded capabilities designed to better exploit data and automate processes. Inbuilt capabilities include:
  • Cognitive automaton to digitize document processing
  • Facial recognition and liveness biometrics to digitize identification and KYC.
  • NLP-enabled chatbots to run conversation-driven customer journeys.
  • Machine learning algorithms to transform processes like fraud detection, risk assessment and marketing campaigns.

Open API

  • FintechOS has out-of-the-box Open API around both data and digital journeys. Once the evolutive data model and business workflows are configured, everything is automatically exposed thanks to its Open API gateway. No additional development needed.
  • Fully supports opening up account and payments data to third parties in line with data sharing regulatory requirements around open banking.

Building with
Data at the Core.

FintechOS is based on a best of breed enterprise technology stack. Its capabilities have been tried and tested by leading FS organizations, and it has been proven to support huge data volumes in multiple-site deployments. Built to support Continuous Integration/Deployment, FintechOS is primed for devops and cloud deployments. Its enterprise-ready architecture can power the tech-driven transformation of FS players and future-proof their digital offerings.

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Enterprise security and compliancy.

FintechOS has been designed to meet the highest security standards. An embedded SDK security framework builds online protection directly into mobile apps. Integration with Azure Active Directory ensures secure identity and access management. There is inbuilt support for OAuth2 and OWASP, as well as for data ownership, auditing and anonymization. Everything is consistent with GDPR compliance.

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Get started fast.

20+ pre-packed fintech automation processors, 150 pre-integrated data sources and 50+ open source apps.

  • integrate data from any data sources to put it at the core of your business model.
  • leverage on this ever evolving data layer to build the next generation of products and services for lending, savings, insurance, pensions and wealth.
  • distribute them through hyper-personalised digital journeys that connect to your customers on any touchpoint from online, mobile and b2b channels to chatbots and open api.
  • drastically reduce operational costs by employing fintech specific automation for processes as KYC, scoring and rating, risk underwriting, customer 360 or contract administration.

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