Phygital Banking Transformation – Where Physical meets Digital

Phygital Banking Transformation – Where Physical meets Digital

Digital Transformation

Duration: 1 hour

The general purpose technologies behind the fintech revolution have followed these trends and proved their value. Financial disruption has drastically altered societies, including pre-existing economic and social structures. As for banks and financial institutions, adapting to the fintech revolution and the age of Open Banking, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive learning and other disruptive solutions is a challenging task. These businesses need not only to adapt to current times, but also take a leadership role, embracing new innovation in order to stay ahead of shifting trends and consumer expectations.

Consumers around the world have embraced brand new ways to discover, pay for and experience new products and services, as a result of new technologies, innovative business models and disruptive brands.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • how the banking and fintech industries have been transformed through the power of the latest innovation
  • about the impact of Phygital in business and banking together with technical solutions to address challenges and help banks in their digital transformation journey
  • how Stefanini and FintechOS can help you build a meaningful digital journey, digitise the branch experience and boost your B2C engagement solutions

Understanding and adapting to this new type of consumer connection is crucial. In order to succeed, banks and financial institutions need to adopt a ‘Phygital’ approach. They need to connect their online and offline worlds in a way that will allow them to create closer, more efficient, and more human customer experiences.

Phygital is a new type of corporate innovation strategy that involves banks and financial institutions providing both physical and digital solutions throughout the customer journey. This provides consumers with the reassurance offered by legacy institutions, with physical branches, while providing the efficiency and convenience offered by the latest fintech startups.


Meet the speakers

Marius Scarlat

Marius Scarlat

Technical Product Manager - Financial Services Industry

Andrea Socol

Andreea Socol

Presales Solutions Consultant

Phygital Banking Transformation – Where Physical meets Digital