Oxbow Report: FintechOS
Featured in Oxbow Partners
2021 InsurTech Impact 25


It’s sometimes hard to get excited about insurance platforms, of which there are 400 in our Magellan vendor navigator. However, FintechOS appear to be onto something, having picked up 40 clients and £5m of revenue in the four years since launch. It is clear what the secret is: an end-to-end system that requires little technical know-how to implement or customise and gives clients access to the latest technologies and features. One of the challenges of InsurTech over the years has been the limited range of propositions, for example supporting only a narrow part of the value chain or a specific product.

FintechOS has gone big early, helped of course by its founders’ track record and ability to raise a large funding round early. We advise our clients to look carefully at systems like this when making decisions about new platforms. Whilst FintechOS is not yet a household name for policy admin systems, it has proved in early deployments that it has the capabilities to be a viable alternative.


This material was published in the Oxbow Partners 2021 InsurTech Impact 25 report – a yearly list of 25 companies that can accelerate the digital transformation of insurers and brokers. You can read the full report here.

Oxbow Partners, along with their Advisory Board of industry leaders, spent six months reviewing 150+ companies to select the Members for 2021. Oxbow Partners is a management consultancy exclusively serving the European insurance industry.


FintechOS was featured in this report for its platform which “allows insurers to launch products faster, provide an omni-channel customer experience, implement automated data-driven underwriting and provide claims servicing.”